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Washington Semester Internship ProgramWashington

Housing: Students will be housed in either the university leased Berkshire apartments (a block from the main campus) or in WISH at Woodley Park (a very short walk to the metro).

  • The Berkshire Apartments, located on Massachusetts Avenue between Nebraska Ave and Macomb St, NW are only a block away (about a 5 minute walk) from main campus and a mile from the Tenleytown-AU Metro stop on the Red Line. The University Shuttle provides transportation between main campus and the Metro. The Berkshires feature double occupancy (two students sharing a room) studio, small one bedroom, and medium/large one bedroom apartment options. Each apartment unit contains kitchen facilities and bathroom. NOTE: Rollins will only pay for a double studio in Berkshire. If a student choosing a different layout, the student will be billed for the cost difference.
  • Residence halls students will live in a traditional residence hall on the main campus with corridor-style rooms and shared hall bathrooms. Rooms are furnished, though students should bring their own linens. 

Meals: Students will not have a meal plan on campus. Instead, the apartments have kitchens and students cook for themselves. 

Orientation: You have all day on Wednesday to move into your room and explore the campus and surrounding area. On Thursday the program goes into full swing, beginning with orientation. Later that afternoon, individual class meetings are held. Thursday evening is set aside for settling in and for residence hall floor meetings. Throughout the day on Friday, registration (including course changes), ID cards, and billing details can be settled. You’ll usually have the majority of the day free, so you can settle most or all details before classes start. Occasionally, some of the faculty will have office hours or meet briefly with students regarding internships on Friday. Then, on Monday, the Internship Bazaar will be held on the main campus. Approximately 100 prospective internship employers come to campus to conduct on-the-spot interviews with interested students. Please have your resumes ready and look sharp!

Student Perspective

"The Washington Semester Program was a once in a lifetime opportunity that enhanced my Rollins experience. The chance to visit places like the United Nations and the European Union connected organizations that I had read about for years and learned about in the classroom to real life experiences. Before starting the semester, I dreaded the research paper but this was an experience in of itself. My paper on the World Trade Organization was enjoyable as I got to research at the world's largest library (Library of Congress), attend discussions on the future of trade at the American University Law School, and actually visit the WTO in Geneva. In addition to the academic experiences, I made life-long friendships with students from all around the world and there was never a dull moment with some of the world's best museums just a metro ride away."
                                                                                                          --Lindsay Clark '11



Spring 2014 Deadline:

September 30, 2013

Fall 2014 Deadline:

February 24, 2014

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