Student Life

TrierUniversity of Trier

Housing and Meals: Students generally elect to live with German students in a shared apartment during their stay at Kapito, and may live in a university residence hall or private apartment for the second part of the program in Trier.  Students are provided with a food stipend, and either cook for themselves or eat in student cafeterias.


Field Trips, Excursions and Activities: There are excursions during the program, as well as weekly cultural activities, such as visits to museums and castles, walks through historic neighborhoods, and film screenings.  These activities help students come to a deeper understanding of the German culture and way of life through experiences outside the classroom.

Life in Trier and Munster: 

Travel:  Students may choose to travel independently throughout Germany and in Europe during free weekends.  Within Germany, trains and buses are economical and offer many scheduled options.  However, for weekend travel, students must figure in travel time, which might be significant.  For destinations further afield, discount airlines like Ryan Air and Easy Jet, allow students to travel at low cost.  Student hostels abound in Europe and offer inexpensive accommodations—plus websites with reviews now allow students to research hostels and even book ahead of time very easily.  We recommend purchasing a good guidebook for Spain (and Europe if you plan to travel) before departure—the Lonely Planet and Let’s Go series are popular with students.

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September 24, 2012

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