University of Trier

University of Trier

The spring semester Rollins program in Germany is hosted by the Kapito Sprachschule and University of Trier.  Students spend the first eight weeks of their program at Kapito in Munster, Germany, participating in a total language immersion program.  Students then enroll in regularly scheduled courses at the University of Trier for the second part of the program. 

Kapito was founded in 1980 by several German language teachers who saw the need for a total immersion program for individuals wanting to work or study in Germany.  Recognizing that successful training in another language cannot take place in a vacuum, Kapito provides a series of cultural activities that are designed to provide each student with a fuller sense of German language, life, and culture.   Each small group is taught by two tutors, and from the very first lesson, the teaching language is German.  Kapito puts much importance on personal contact: the school management and the tutors always find time to talk with the participants, to give them information on practical matters or leisure activities, and accompany them during cultural and leisure programs.

Originally founded in 1473, the University of Trier was dissolved in the Napoleanic era and then reestablished in 1970.  Unusual for a European university, Trier offers most classes on a single campus, much like American universities.  With 11,000 students, it is small compared to other German universities, allowing much more contact between professor and student.  Students from all over the world study at Trier, so students have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of other students.

The city of Münster is located in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.  It is the cultural center of Westphalia and a significant center for business and administration. Although the city was destroyed in World War II, the historic center of the city was fully restored.  The colorful bustle of the market in front of Münster’s roman gothic cathedral, which lies in the middle of the oldest part of town, attracts crowds several times a week.  The most popular mode of transportation in Münster is the bicycle!  A wide net of bicycle paths makes it possible for cyclists to make outings to the green surroundings of the city.  In Münsterland, one can visit many castles, which were once inhabited by nobility.

Located on the Mosel River, Trier is the oldest city in Germany.  Settled by the Romans around the year 18 B.C., it quickly became a population center and was the seat of power in the Holy Roman Empire. Today, because of its beautiful architecture, cultural attractions, and its location in one of the world's most renowned winemaking regions, Trier is a destination for tourists from around the world. Trier is centrally located and a base for excursions to places all over Europe. 

Costs: The program fee is equal to Rollins College tuition and fees, plus room and board, for one semester.  For 2012-2013 this is $26,185.

  • Includes: tuition and administration, housing, some meals, complete medical and emergency insurance, orientation, cultural activities and excursions
  • Does Not Include: travel and property insurance, personal expenses, and course materials, non-US citizens will need a visa
  • Credit on Student Account:  In December, students will receive a credit on the Student Account for airfare (average commercial price) meals not included on the program, and transportation from Munster to Trier.  This credit will be applied against the balance owed on the account.  Students with significant financial aid may end up with a positive balance on the Student Account which can then be requested as a refund.  Rollins College does not book flights for this program so students must make arrangements to pay for the airfare themselves.

Spring 2012 Calendar

  • 22 January: Leave US
  • 23 January: Arrive Munster
  • 24 January-16 March: KAPITO Language School
  • 21 March: Travel to Trier/Housing available
  • 22 March-13 April: Trier Orientation
  • 16 April: Trier courses begin
  • 29 May-June 2: Pentecost vacation
  • 21 July: Trier courses end/final exams
  • 22 July: Leave Germany/Arrive US