All students on the program will enroll in one four-credit German course at our partner, KAPITO Language School.  KAPITO has been offering quality German language programs in Münster for more than twenty years.  Classes at KAPITO are small, usually no more than ten to twelve students, and instructors are all native speakers who have extensive training and experience in providing intensive language teaching.  The instruction at KAPITO focuses on student engagement and emphasizes communication skills—instructors aim to get to know their students outside the classroom as well as in it and often participate in the cultural activities and excursions that KAPITO offers to enhance classroom learning.  Each small group of students is taught by two instructors, and from the very first lesson, the teaching language is German.

On the first Monday, students will take a placement test at KAPITO to assess language level for courses.  KAPITO offers various learning levels which correspond to levels A1 - C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.  Due to the intensive nature of the program, students will only take one 4-credit course over the four weeks—this will include 26 45-minute course sessions per week, with the majority of those being held in the mornings to allow time for cultural activities in the afternoon.

KAPITO is located in the Münster city center and has fourteen classrooms as well as self-study rooms with textbooks and computers with Internet access.  KAPITO staff are available to provide learning support and homework supervision during the afternoons.  Professor Decker will also be available to assist students with academic concerns.

Students on this program will take one of the following four-credit courses:

  • GMN1XX: this course is pending approval but will be appropriate for students who have completed German 101 or the equivalent.
  • GMN 210: prerequisite GMN 102 or the equivalent
  • GMN212: Prerequisite: GMN 201 or the equivalent
  • GMN3XX: this course is pending approval but will be appropriate for students who are at the 300-level in German language

Transfer of Credit:  

Students will receive four credits upon successful completion of the program. The course will appear on the Rollins transcript as a normal Rollins course with a standard letter grade.

Faculty Director:

Nancy Decker is an Associate Professor of German at Rollins College and is the current chair of Modern Languages.  Dr. Decker received her bachelor's degree from the College of William and Mary [1977] and did her graduate work at Cornell University [M. A.1981, Ph. D. 1983]. At Rollins she teaches courses dealing with many aspects of German language, literature, film, culture, and business practices. She has led short-term field studies to Germany multiple times, most recently in the winter of 2011 and the winter of 2013.  She has also worked closely with IP to restructure semester programs in Germany and established the original relationship with KAPITO several years ago.  Professor Decker, will serve as the Instructor of Record for all courses and will provide ongoing academic oversight as well as issuing the final course grades

Country: Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)

Capital: Berlin

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Dialing Code: +49

Population: 80 million

Time Zone +/- EST +6