Reutlingen Dual Degree

In order to prepare you for the challenges in this global economy, Rollins is partnering with a leading business school in Germany for an exciting Dual Degree Program (DDP).  Designed to offer one of the most comprehensive international business educations available, this outstanding opportunity allows you to graduate with 2 bachelor’s degrees in 4 years with an understanding of the global marketplace, fluency in English and German, and practical business skills acquired during the semester long, full-time, international internship in Germany.  This true cross-cultural experience will give you the breadth and depth of a liberal arts focused B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in international business from Rollins College in the U.S. and a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in international management from Reutlingen University in Germany.  

Participants will spend the first 4 semesters of the degree at Rollins College, three semesters in Germany and will return to Rollins College for the final semester.  Participants must be INB majors at Rollins.

Requirements & Deadlines

Students are screened for eligibility during the Rollins College admissions process and must be intending to major in INB. Ideally, students will already be enrolled in the program as they begin their first year at Rollins. In exceptional circumstances, students can apply to enter the program up until January 15 of the first year. 

In order to be approved to continue to Reutlingen, students must have met the following requirements:

  • Attend required DDP events and meetings during the first four semesters

  • Maintain a 3.2 or higher grade point average during the first four semesters

  • Declare International Business as a chosen major before the second semester

  • Demonstrate appropriate level of German language skills as assessed by the German language interview in the third semester

  • Complete all International Programs requirements

  • Receive an endorsement by the DDP Faculty Director in the fourth semester

Program Registration Deadline for Participants Starting at Reutlingen in Fall 2015: 2/9/2015


Fall 2015 Calendar in Reutlingen (DDP 2013 cohort students)

  • German Language course (optional): first two weeks of September
  • Orientation (mandatory): mid-September
  • Classes: mid-September to mid-January
  • Holiday: usually around 12/22-1/6
  • Exams: mid-January

Getting There

Flight: Rollins does not arrange a flight for this program.  Students will receive instructions from Reutlingen University about arrival date and time.  IP recommends booking your flight within 6-12 weeks of your departure date.  Reutlingen University will provide you with instructions for arrival—this program does not provide an airport pick-up so students will make their way to the University independently. The best international connections are either by flying to Frankfurt or Munich and then traveling by train to Reutlingen. The nearest airport is Stuttgart International Airport and Delta does have some direct flights to Stuttgart from Atlanta.

map of germany with reutlingen marked

Visa: US citizens do not need a visa obtained prior to departure.  Rather, US citizens must apply for a Resident Permit on-site.  Reutlingen will send participants instructions about materials needed for the Resident Permit.

Orientation:  During the mandatory orientation, students will be introduced to Reutlingen University and the town of Reutlingen.  Julie Sheetz, the Coordinator of the German-American Dual-Degree programs at Reutlingen will help Rollins students register for courses, set up bank accounts, and start the resident permit process.  The orientation will also include a local excursion, for example to Tubingen castle.  Rollins students will also have the opportunity to connect with Reutlingen students in their first and second years who will be going to Rollins for their third and fourth years.


Reutlingen University:  The Dual Degree program is housed at the ESB Business School at Reutlingen.  ESB is one of Europe’s premier international business schools.  Though the Business School has 2400 students and the University as a whole is much larger, the university is campus-based and quite centralized, making it convenient for students. 

Intensive German: Rollins students are encouraged to participate in the intensive German program for two weeks prior to their first semesters at Reutlingen University.

Courses:  Rollins students will participate in these courses alongside German and other international students.  Most courses are taught in German but in both the fifth and seventh semesters, there are a couple of courses taught in German and English.  Courses are Reutlingen are academically challenging and involve an intensive workload.

  • Fifth Semester: During the fifth semester (the first semester in Germany) students will typically take 6 core courses, a German Business language course, and the internship preparation course for a total of 18 credits.
  • Sixth Semester: During the sixth semester (the second in Germany) students will be engaged in the full-time internship for 12 credits.
  • Seventh Semester: During the seventh semester (the last in Germany) students will take two a minimum total of 20 credits with a combination of core and elective courses.  Rollins students will be given permission to take their exams in December so that they can return to Rollins in time for the beginning of the spring term.

Internship: During your second semester in Germany, students will participate in a full-time, credit-bearing internship for a minimum of 20 weeks.  Most internships are outside of Reutlingen in other German cities and towns.  Faculty and staff at Reutlingen University will assist students to search and apply for internships during their first semester at Reutlingen.  However, ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to find an appropriate internship placement.  The career fair on campus at Reutlingen during your first semester will be a key venue for students to learn about and connect with a multitude of companies and organizations (e.g., Hugo Boss, Boston Consulting Group, Dymerl, IBM, L’Oreal, Mars, SAP). Typically, students begin searching for an internship in October. 

All internships must be approved by Prof. Ditmar Hilpert, Faculty Director at Reutlingen.  To receive credit for the internship, students will submit a paper and make a presentation about the internship at Reutlingen during the third semester in Germany.

Transfer of Credits: Students participating on this program will need to seek the appropriate departmental approval for all major/minor requirements and will need to seek approval for General Education Requirements through Student Records.  The Faculty Director for this program is Dr. Marc Fetscherin, who will advise students and assist with course approvals and planning.  All students who successfully complete the DDP through Rollins will receive an official transcript and degree from the University of Reutlingen and from Rollins College. Courses range from one to four credits.

Faculty and Staff: All courses are taught by faculty and instructors at Reutlingen University. Support and advising for Rollins students in Germany is provided by Julie Sheetz, Program Coordinator, and Prof. Ditmar Hilpert, Dual Degree Faculty Director.

Housing and Meals

First Semester: During the first semester in Germany, students will apply for housing prior to departure.  Typically students are placed in single studio apartments on campus.  Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchenette.  The building houses a variety of international students and there is a shared common area for all residents.  Students will purchase groceries and cook for themselves and/or eat out at campus dining halls which offer low-cost meals for students.

Second Semester:  During the second semester, students will most likely be interning in a different German city.  There is no housing provided during this semester.  Students typically make arrangements for an apartment share with other University students and/or interns.  Students will purchase groceries and cook for themselves and/or eat their meals out. In Germany it is very easy for students to find housing. Websites such as WG-Gesucht or EasyWG will be very helpful.

Third Semester:  There is no housing provided during the third semester back at Reutlingen University.  Students typically make arrangements for an apartment share with other students.  Students will purchase groceries and cook for themselves and/or eat their meals out.

Student Activities and Support

The University is located approximately a 20 minute walk from the city center of Reutlingen.  While Reutlingen is a average size town (over 100,000 people), it is quite easy for students to travel around the region due an excellent public transportation system.  The city of Stuttgart (> 600,000 people) is only about 35 minutes away by train and the region around Reutlingen offers students many opportunities for sight-seeing.

Student support and activities are provided by the Program Coordinator at Reutlingen who arranges such activities as a roundtable dinner or meet-up in downtown, a Thanksgiving dinner, and a visit to the local Christmas market in December. 

Students are also encouraged to get involved with the University events and activities.  For example, the University hosts charity events, provides opportunities for students to volunteer for the career fairs, and hosts sporting events, intramurals, and social activities.  For example, many students participate in the International Business Weekend which occurs in the spring, involves students participating in a network of business Dual Degree programs around the globe and is hosted at one of the partner schools.


Per Semester costs:

  • Standard Rollins tuition: $21540
  • Program Fee: $450
  • Includes: tuition and administration, Reutlingen semester fee, full medical and emergency insurance, orientation and some program activities.

Estimated Per Semester Costs Not Included in the Tuition and Program Fee

  • Airfare: $1200
  • Airport transfers in the US and Germany (estimated): $200
  • Housing (estimated): $2520 per semester in Reutlingen, may be higher during the internship semester.  There is also a $980 refundable housing deposit.
  • Meals: $3300 in Reutlingen, may be slightly higher during the internship semester
  • On-site Transportation: $110 for local transportation pass in Reutlingen, should be similar during internship semester
  • Resident Permit: $180
  • Travel/Property insurance: Costs will vary
  • Personal expenses: Costs will vary
  • Souvenirs, entertainment and independent travel: Costs will vary

Advising & Applying

Our office is located in Carnegie Hall on the 2nd Floor

Advising is offered on a walk-in basis: Monday-Thursday from 12pm - 2pm. If you are unable to make it at these times, email us for an appointment.

For More Academic Information:

INB Website for the Dual-Degree


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