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Students can enroll in the following tracks:

  • Fall, Spring and Academic Year: Spanish Language and Culture: provides an intensive, in-depth experience in the Spanish language, culture and society, and is designed for students with a background in Spanish who are eager to improve or achieve proficiency in their language skills.  Fall semester students will also participate in the Centro Británico/Centro Español (CBCE), a one month Spanish language program before university courses begin.
  • Spring and Academic Year: Direct Enrollment: allows students to take university courses in their major field of study.  Courses are available in both English and Spanish. Students must take at least two courses in Spanish.
  • Spring Semester: Students can combine the Spanish Language and Culture Program and the Direct Enrollment Program. At least two courses must be in Spanish.

Spanish Language and Culture Program Courses

Students who complete the Spanish Language and Culture Program earn academic credit equal to twenty to twenty four credit hours.  Rollins students who are majoring in Spanish may apply up to three of their courses in Oviedo with the exception of Spanish Literature (can count towards major elective credit, not major core credit).  Rollins students minoring in Spanish may apply up to two of their courses in Oviedo.

All students enroll in five courses in Cursos de Espanol Para Extranjeros (CEPE) at the University of Oviedo. All of the courses are taught in Spanish, and receive four semester hours of credit.  A full list of Rollins course equivalencies for these courses is below so that students can easily see how these courses will count at Rollins.

Fall Semester students enroll in a one-month Spanish language immersion course at Centro Británico/Centro Español (CBCE), a small language school in Oviedo.  You will enroll in either OVD 311 or OVD 411, depending on your Spanish level, and earn four (4) Pass/Fail credits for this course.
Spring Semester will also enroll in a 2-credit course at CBCE. The course will meet for 2 hours a week for 15 weeks. You will enroll in either OVD 311 or OVD 411, depending on your Spanish level.

Direct Enrollment and Combination Program

Students who complete the Direct Enrollment program receive a total of eighteen to twenty-two semester hours credit for the Spring Semester (combination of DE and language and culture classes), and approximately forty semester hour credits for the Academic Year.  Spring semester classes begin at the end of February and run until the first week in June.  Courses are available in Spanish and English.  Courses are available in a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Business Administration 
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science (options in English)
  • Economics (options in English)
  • Education
  • Geography
  • History
  • Linguistics/Literature (options in English)
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Psychology

Students may also take a combination of Spanish language and culture courses through Cursos de Espanol Para Extranjeros (CEPE) and standard direct enrollment University courses in either Spanish or English.  All students must take at least two courses in Spanish.

Transfer of Credits: Students participating on this program will need to seek the appropriate departmental approval for all major/minor requirements and approval for General Education Requirements through Student Records. All courses on this program appear on the Rollins transcript as transfer credits and the grades are factored into the Rollins GPA. The only exception are the courses taken in the fall semester at CBCE: OVD 311/OVD 411 which will appear on the Rollins transcript as Rollins pass/fail courses. Students who successfully complete this program through Rollins will receive an official transcript from University of Oviedo. It can take up to 3 months to receive the official transcript.

Faculty and Staff: Classes are taught by specialized Ph.D. lecturers from the University of Oviedo.  They offer individual tutorials to their foreign students. In addition to their academic degree, experience and interest are also taken into account in the selection of teaching staff for this program.  Student helpers collaborate in the recreational and cultural activities, and as a result, foreign students settle easily in Oviedo's university life.  Our Faculty Director is Dr. Francisco Borge and our Resident Director is Ana Bugallo.

Full List of Courses in English (Spring Semester Only): (If fulfills Rollins Gen Ed, noted by course title)






Genetic improvement and conservation (O)

Conservación y Mejora Genética

Year 3

Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Operating Systems

Sistemas Operativos

Year 2

Waves and Electromagnetism

Ondas y Electromagnetismo

Year 1

Computer Networking Fundamentals

Fundamentos de Computadores y Redes

Year 1

Numerical Computation

Computación Numérica

Year 2

Automata and Discrete Mathematics

Autómatas y Matemáticas Discretas

Year 1



Year 2

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Fundamentos de Informática

Year 1



Year 2


Bases de Datos

Year 2

Programming Methodology

Metodología de la Programación

Year 1

Technology and Programming Paradigms

Tecnología y Paradigmas de Programación

Year 2

Communication Person-Machine

Comunicación Persona-Maquina

Year 2

Linear Algebra

Algebra Lineal

Year 1

Data Structure

Estructura de datos

Year 2

Introduction to Programming

Introducción a la Programación

Year 1



Year 1

Computer Architecture

Arquitectura de Computadores

Year 2



Year 1



Year 1


Intro to European Literature: Concepts, Genres & Authors (L)

Intro. a la Literatura Europea: Conceptos, Géneros y Autores

Year 1

Classical Sources of European Languages & Literatures (L)

Fuentes Clásicas de las Lenguas y Literaturas Europeas

Year 1

Linguistic Introduction to the Study of English

Introducción Lingüística al Estudio del Inglés

Year 1

Culture of the United States

Culturas de los Estados Unidos

Year 2

English Language Theatre (A)

El Teatro en Lengua Inglesa

Year 2

Literature and Journalism

Literatura y Periodismo

Year 2

Greek and Roman History to the Renaissance (D)

Historia de Grecia y Roma hasta el Renacimiento

Year 2

Linguistic Principles of Romance Languages

Principios de Lingüística Románica

Year 2

Theory of Literary Language

Teoría del Lenguaje Literario

Year 2

Accounting & Finance

Business Administration & Management


Labor Relations & Human Resources

Many courses are cross-listed

Corporate Finance

Finanzas Empresariales

Year 2

Strategic Marketing

Fundamentos de Marketing

Year 2

Introductory Macroeconomics

Introducción a la Macroeconomía

Year 1

Introduction to Economic Statistics (Q)

Introducción a la Estadística Económica

Year 1

Statistical Methods for Business (Q)

Métodos Estadísticos para la Empresa

Year 2

Human Resource Management

Dirección de Recursos Humanos

Year 2

Mathematical Methods for Business

Métodos Matemáticos para la Empresa

Year 2

Financial Accounting

Inversiones Financieras

Year 3

Sociology (S)


Year 1

Production Management

Administración de la Producción

Year 2

The Economics of Spain and the EU

Economía Española y de la Unión Europea

Year 2

Financial Markets and Institutions

Mercados e Instituciones Financieras

Year 2/3

Analysis of Financial Statements

Análisis de los Estados Financieros

Year 2/3

Introduction to Accounting

Introducción a la Contabilidad

Year 1

Cost Accounting and Management Control

Contabilidad de Costes y Control de Gestión

Year 2



Year 1

Organizational Design

Diseño Organizativo

Year 3

World Economic History

Histórica Económica Mundial

Year 1

Introduction to Business

Economía de la Empresa

Year 1

World Economy

Economía Mundial 

Year 1

Strategic Management

Dirección Estratégica

Year 3

Economic Analysis

Análisis Económico para la Empresa

Year 2

Introductory to Microeconomics

Introducción a la Microeconomía

Year 1


Philosophy and Economics

Filosofía y Economía

Year 3

Metaphysics (D)


Year 3

Language, Thought and Reality

Lengua, Pensamiento y Realidad

Year 2

Meaning and Communication

Significado y Comunicación

Year 3

Social Work

Introduction to Economics

Introducción a la Economía

Year 1

Introduction to Statistics

Introducción a la Estadística

Year 1



Rollins Course Equivalencies for Cursos de Espanol Para Extranjeros: (all courses transfer at 300 level)

Course at the University of Oviedo

Rollins Equivalent

Spanish Language: Interacting through Writing

SPN 302

Spanish Language: Interacting through Oral Expression

SPN 302

Spanish Language: Vocabulary, Text Commentary

SPN 302

English/Spanish Translation

SPN 300-level

Spanish Literature (L)

SPN 355

Spanish-American Culture: Literature, History, Civilisation

SPN 322

Spanish History (D)

SPN 300-level

Spanish Society and Culture

SPN 321

Spanish Art (A)

SPN 300-level

Spanish Cinema

SPN 341

Business Spanish

SPN 303


Country: Spain (Kingdom of Spain)

Capital: Madrid

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

Dialing Code: +34

Population: 46 million

Time Zone +/- EST: +6

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