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jym-resident-directorJunior Year in Munich

Orientation:  Rollins students will be introduced to Germany by the Kapito staff, who will welcome them to Münster and provide a basic orientation program.  After traveling to Munich, students will follow JYM’s detailed instructions for arrival at the student housing.  They will then join the JYM orientation program with other students starting the spring term.

Housing and Meals: In Münster, students live in furnished apartments with native German speakers. Common areas and kitchens are shared and students typically all assist with chores in the apartment.  There is no meal plan in Münster: staff at Kapito will distribute a monthly food stipend to all students.  Students may choose to cook in the apartment or go out to eat. There is internet access at the Kapito school, but it is not guaranteed in the apartments.

In Munich, students will live with German and other international students in the Studentenstadt Freimann close to the city center.  Each student will have his or her own small studio apartment with a private kitchen and bathroom and internet access.  Each floor has a shared common area for socializing, watching television, etc.  There is no meal plan through JYM. Students cook for themselves and/or buy meals out.  As LMU students, they can use all of the University dining halls and cafeterias which offer very inexpensive meals.

Computers and Internet: In Münster students have computer and internet access at Kapito, though not necessarily in the apartments.  In Munich, students will have internet access in their apartments and have computer and internet access at the JYM office and at LMU.

Activities and Excursions: In Münster, Kapito offers free events and activities for students and past students have enjoyed participating in these activities with Kapito staff and other students. 

In Munich, JYM organizes a wide variety of activities and events for students including networking events, lectures and performances.  Students have access to all LMU clubs and activities, and JYM will also help students get involved with local organizations and activities.  MESA, the Erasmus student organization sponsors many trips and activities that are open to all students and are typically offered at discounted cost.  JYM also offers optional European City Seminars at a small, additional cost.  These seminars introduce students to different European cities through coursework and an organized field study.  Finally, the student housing, the StuStadt, offers tutoring programs and extra-curricular workshops and courses and has its own cafes and Diskotheken.

Student Support:  In Münster, the Kapito coordinator and other staff will provide support and advising and can assist students with any concerns or questions.  In Munich, the JYM office is centrally located and very welcoming, with classrooms, study space, a student lounge, wireless access, and computer and printing facilities.   Staff at JYM are very experienced in advising and assisting US students and are always available to students.  In addition, the StuStadt also provides a range of student services including psychological counseling, help finding part-time work, a library, a travel center and a student-run radio station.

Athletics: In Munich, students can do sports and enroll in fitness classes through LMU Central University Sports.



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