London Semester Program

Students should think carefully about their reasons for wanting to participate in this program and their goals for the semester, before deciding which track to apply for: coursework only, internship with two courses, or service-learning with two courses.

An internship can provide valuable work experience, and in some cases, open up new career paths, but students must make a significant commitment in order to have a successful internship.  Students generally commute thirty minutes to an hour to their placements each way, work two and a half to three days per week, and must balance these demands with their coursework.  Employers will expect students to treat the position seriously and to behave in a professional manner, and students find that what they get out of the internship is in direct proportion to what they put in.


Each course is worth 3 credits, with the internship and service-learning courses worth 6 credits each. During the Fall and Spring semesters, students typically enroll in 12–15 credits. Interns and service-learning students take 2-3 courses plus internship or service-learning program. If taking a full course load (not interning or participating in service-learning), students typically take 4 or 5 courses (12-15 credits) but can take 6 courses (18 credits) if desired.

Your classes will be held at the CAPA London Center. Please note you will not be enrolled with students from British Universities and instead will be attending classes with students from various US universities and colleges. 

CAPA offers courses in the following academic fields:London

  • Art History
  • History
  • Marketing
  • Political Science
  • Communications
  • Theater
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Social Science
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • English
  • International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Education

For full course information and course syllabi, visit the CAPA website.  If a course syllabus is not provided and you need it for course approval, please contact International Programs at Rollins College.


Student interns will complete a 240 hours in the internship and will also participate in an internship course--the internship and course together are worth six credits.  Interns will enroll in two additional courses, for a total of twelve credits for the semester program.  Interns seeking additional credit may consider enrolling in the Rollins internship course for two credits: however, please note that this will involve an increased workload during the semester abroad.

Available internships include businesses of every kind, as well as nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. CAPA has carefully selected appropriate internship sites and provides regular oversight to insure that students are gaining valuable experience in the internship. Interns are required to participate in a seminar series entitled “Learning through Internships.” Faculty act as internship mentors to ensure that participants have academic guidance during their internships. Students produce papers, write reflective journals, and make oral presentations examining the real learning that occurs during their programs. Students produce a portfolio at the end of the internship that must meet clear academic criteria in order for the student to attain credit for the internship.

Community-Based Service-Learning

Students have the opportunity to enroll in a six-credit course, Contemporary Issues through Service-Learning: The Social Dynamics of London, that includes 12-15 hours of service-learning each week. The course, with a sociological focus, will look at urban issues facing Londoners including multiculturalism, inequalities in social services ranging from education to healthcare, and welfare concerns. The course is coupled with group projects at community service organizations throughout London.

Transfer of Credits:  Students participating on this program will need to seek the appropriate departmental approval for all major/minor requirements and approval for General Education Requirements through Student Records. All courses on this program appear on the Rollins transcript as transfer credits and the grades are factored into the Rollins GPA. Students who successfully complete this program through Rollins will receive an official transcript from the University of Minnesota. It can take up to 3 months to receive the official transcript.

  • A&S students cannot receive more than 12 credits total for internships completed during their time at Rollins.  As the internship on this program is worth 6 credits, students must be aware of this policy and plan accordingly.

Placement Process: Students wishing to do an internship must submit additional application materials including an updated resume and cover letter and will be interviewed by a panel at Rollins.  Accepted students will then have their materials sent on to CAPA and staff at CAPA will work to place each student in a internship that best matches his or her individual interests, skills, and past experiences (both academic and professional).  CAPA cannot guarantee specific placements.  In most cases, students will be notified of the placement by two weeks prior to departure.  All internships are contingent upon a successful interview with the internship-host organization, which will take place right after the student’s arrival and orientation in London.  Students should approach the internship with an open-mind and a willingness to make the most of any placement—the skills gained from working in a cross-cultural environment are applicable to any field.  In addition, students should expect that it will take a few weeks for the internship to develop, and for them to show that they are capable, trustworthy, and dependable.London

Faculty and Staff: Staff at CAPA provides student support and program logistics.  The courses at CAPA are taught by CAPA faculty.


Country: UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Capital: London

Currency: Pound sterling

Language: English

Dialing Code: +44

Population: 63 million

Time Zone +/- EST: +5

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