LondonQueen Mary, University of London

The Rollins Semester program at Queen Mary, University of London provides students the opportunity to study for the semester or the full academic year at an institution rated among the top fifteen in the United Kingdom. Queen Mary University of London is one of the four largest colleges of the University of London and is located in the vibrant and diverse East End neighborhood of London and is unique to central London institutions due to its lovely and contained urban campus close to all London has to offer.  Rollins students will have access to a wide variety of courses in a broad range of fields including: English, Drama, Film, Biological Sciences, Psychology, History and Political Science.  Students live in dormitories on the Queen Mary campus and are fully integrated into University life with opportunities to become involved in student clubs, teams, and activities and participate in all campus events.

The East End is one of the most vibrant, exciting and culturally diverse areas of London. There is something for everyone: street markets, parks, cafes, restaurants, pubs, museums and galleries. Brick Lane, which is in walking distance from the campus, is famous for its eclectic market, Indian restaurants, 24 hour bagel shops and is also now home to a growing number of artists and designers. It may not be the most famous area of the city, but it is certainly worth getting to know.

Costs: The program fee is equal to Rollins College tuition and fees, plus room and board, for one semester. For 2013-2014, this is $27,210.

  • Includes: tuition and administration, housing, complete medical and emergency insurance, and orientation
  • Does not include: airport transfers in the US, housing deposit, travel/property insurance, personal expenses, laundry, course materials and visa (if needed).
  • Credit on Student Account:  In December for the spring semester and July for the fall semester, students will receive a credit on the Student Account for airfare (average commercial price), meals and on-site transportation costs.  This credit will be applied against the balance owed on the account.  Students with significant financial aid may end up with a positive balance on the Student Account which can then be requested as a refund.  Rollins College does not book flights for this program so students must make arrangements to pay for the airfare themselves.

Estimated Additional Costs Not Included in the Comprehensive Program Fee:

  • Airport transfers in the US: Costs will vary
  • Travel/Property insurance : Costs will vary
  • Personal expenses and course materials: Estimated at $800 in the fall and $1200 in the spring
  • Souvenirs, entertainment and independent travel: Costs will vary but are estimated at $1300-$2000

Requirements for Admission:

  • Juniors and seniors
  • Minimum 3.2 GPA
  • Good college standing
  • Good record with Community Standards
  • Good references
  • Professional Application

Fall 2014 Calendar

  • Sep 12: Leave US
  • Sep 13-14: Arrive on Campus
  • Sep 15: Orientation
  • Sep 17-Dec 12: Classes (no break except for university & national holidays)
  • Dec 14: Departure

Spring 2015 Calendar

  • Jan 8: Arrive on Campus
  • Jan 9: Orientation
  • Jan 12: Semester Begins
  • Apr 7-24: Vacation
  • Apr 27-June 5: Exam Period
  • June 6: Depart
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