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Lancaster dormHousing: Students live in residence halls in one of the eight undergraduate colleges.  Each college has about 850 students and forms a unique residential community within the larger university.  Activities and events are sponsored by the colleges and help to develop the sense of community, while also providing international students with excellent opportunities to meet and mix with their fellow students.  Rooms are typically singles and most rooms have private bathrooms.  A telephone is provided in each room and all rooms have internet access.  Bedding packs can be purchased at Lancaster, so that students don’t need to take up suitcase room packing pillows and sheets.  For more information about the housing, peruse the Lancaster University accommodation website.

Meals: As is typical for a British University, there is no meal plan on campus.  Instead, residence halls have shared kitchens and students cook for themselves.  There is a grocery store on campus, as well as several on-campus eateries including coffee shops, restaurants, bars and a bakery.

Orientation: The International Office runs an orientation program at the beginning of each semester.  This program includes a welcome service during the arrival days and is designed to help you learn about the campus, your classes, and life in the UK.

Activities: Like most British Universities, Lancaster has an incredibly active Student Union that sponsors a huge array of student societies and intramural athletics.  We strongly encourage students to get involved in the extracurricular activities as that is the best way to get to know local and other international students. The Sports Centre offers excellent facilities including a swimming pool, weight lifting room, tennis courts, and a rock climbing wall.

Field Trips and Excursions: As a direct enrollment program, there are no program-organized field trips or excursions.  However, various student societies and the International Office will sometimes sponsor trips offered at discounts to students.  Program participants also find that other international students want to explore the region as well, so it is easy to find travel companions.

Life at Lancaster: Students will find that most of their time is taken up by life on campus—classes, extracurricular activities, campus events, and recreation.  The city of Lancaster is a short three miles away from the campus, so students will also find themselves exploring the city—wandering through the markets, shopping, dining, or renting boats to paddle down the canal.  Manchester is just one hour away and offers a larger, urban environment for students craving a more bustling atmosphere.


Travel: London and Edinburgh are each only about two and a half hours away by train—so weekend trips to either city are very easy.  Furthermore, it is quite convenient and cost-effective to travel in the UK and Europe.  Within the UK, trains and buses are economical and offer many scheduled options.  For weekend travel, students must figure in travel time, which might be significant.  For destinations further afield, discount airlines like Ryan Air and Easy Jet, allow students to travel at low cost.  Student hostels abound in the UK and Europe and offer inexpensive accommodations—plus websites with reviews now allow students to research hostels and even book ahead of time very easily.  The month-long spring break offers opportunities for extended travel—students often visit other friends studying abroad, travel with friends made at Lancaster, or have their friends and families come and meet them in the UK or Europe!

Want to know more? Visit the Lancaster Study Abroad Handbook for more information about Lancaster University.

Student Perspective

"Lancaster was probably the best four months of my time at Rollins College.  Being able to immerse myself in a culture different than my own was an experience I will never forget.  I got to travel to many different places across Europe as well as participate in the Lancaster University American Football Club.  I made a lot of lifelong friends and got to gain a different perspective on my major (history).  For Rollins students it would be a waste for them to not go abroad, and Lancaster should definitely be one of the top choices.  I would recommend to leave a 'no' attitude at the door.  Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way and you will have the time of your life!"

                                                                                                                     --Matt St. Jean '11



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