Student Life

Housing: Students live in residence halls with German and other international students in one of the four undergraduate colleges: Alfried Krupp College, Mercator College, College 3, and College Nordmetall. Each college houses between 200 and 300 students and has a faculty member, who lives in the college with students with his/her spouse, serves as the college master. Each college forms a unique residential community within the larger university.  Activities and events are sponsored by the colleges and help to develop the sense of community, while also providing international students with excellent opportunities to meet and mix with their fellow students.  Rooms are singles with the bathroom usually being shared by two students. Students are strongly encouraged to not bring bedding with them, rather purchase a new bed-set on arrival, as bed sizes differ country to country. For more information about the housing, peruse the Jacobs University accommodation website. Each college has a student lounge, game and TV rooms, pool tables, quiet study area and a meeting room. In addition, a laundry room with washers and dryers, a bike storage unit and a party zone are found in each college.

Meals: Each College serves three meals per day in their dining hall. Also, there are kitchens in each corridor if you wish to purchase groceries and prepare food outside the dining hall. You don’t have to eat just in your college; you can eat at any of the four colleges on campus. Students use their personal Jacobs University Campus Card to purchase meals on campus.

Orientation and Student Support: During the Orientation Week (O-Week), students will be introduced to the services available to them at Jacobs, explore the campus and the city of Bremen. In addition, students will receive important information about how to register for classes, apply for a residence permit, purchase health insurance (if required) and other university processes. The International Office provides student support throughout the semester, but students can also access regular student services on campus like the Counseling Center.


Activities: Jacobs offers students a variety of means to become involved on campus. The Campus Activities & Intercultural Affairs (CAIA) department coordinates activities on campus to bring students together. Activities include sports, arts, student government and a wide variety of clubs. You can find out more about what specific activities and events are offered by visiting the Campus Activities Portal.  Students at Jacobs can also take advantage of the activities and events in the city of Bremen.

Host Family Program: Students have the opportunity to participate in Jacob University’s Host Family Program which pairs students with local Germany families. Host families might invite you to their home for dinner, include you in a family outing, or just join you for an afternoon coffee.  This program is a fabulous way to get a taste of day-to-day German life and meet locals who can introduce you to Bremen and the surrounding areas.

Life in Bremen: The best way to get around Bremen is on foot, bike and public transportation. Public transportation (Buses, trams and trains) operate 7 days a week from 5 am to 12 pm and then special buses operate during the later hours. Typically, it takes about 10-20 minutes by public transportation to get from campus to the city centre. Included in your Student ID, the Semester ticket allows you access to all public transportation in andaround Bremen within the VBN area. For more information: |  Jacobs2

Travel: Bremen is only about an hour away from Hamburg and Hanover with regular flights and trains to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna. With the Nordic countries and the Netherlands just a short distance away, you can discover some places in a weekend. As with all travel, make sure you have the secure the proper travel documents as needed before studying abroad or while in Germany.



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February 24, 2014


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