Live, Learn, Labor: Latin America

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This program focuses on various elements of the international business environment, such as economics, politics and regulation, competition, socio-cultural issues, technology, and physical environment. Special emphasis will be placed on topics like social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, sustainable development, energy production, eco-tourism, CAFTA and national competitiveness. To gain a perspective of these aspects, a comparison will be made to selected Central and South American countries. Students will attend class sessions prior to departing as well as class sessions while in Costa Rica.

INB 390F: All students will enroll in INB 390F: Latin American Business Environments for 4 credits.  This course can satisfy different requirements for different majors:

 INB-majors = Meets a required elective course, plus required overseas experience

 Sustainability-minor or Environmental Studies = Meets one required course (check with department to confirm the specific course)

 Business Management-major or Social Entrepreneurship-major = Meets a required elective course, plus required overseas experience

 Non Business-major = General elective course


Internship Extension:  In addition to INB 390F, students will have the choice to extend their program by adding an INB internship. The internship course is graded C/NC and is only available for INB majors. Sharon Agee, Director of International Business Internships will oversee the academic component of this course from Rollins while students are in Costa Rica.


Faculty Director: Dr. Cecilia McInnis-Bowers, Professor of International Business at Rollins, will teach the 4-credit INB course and organize internship placements for students. She will be in Costa Rica to assist students with all aspects of the program during the initial three weeks.


Additional Staff On-Site and On-Campus: Additional student support and housing coordination are offered by CPI, an excellent language institute in Costa Rica.  Students on the extended internship track will be supported by staff at CPI after Dr. McInnis-Bowers departs Costa Rica.  For students on the internship track, Sharon Agee will continue to conduct the internship course and provide academic support services.

Requirements for Admission:

  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Good college standing
  • Good record with Community Standards

Additional Requirements for Internship

  • INB Majors only
  • Must have completed INB300 and have Junior standing to earn INB internship credit
  • Minimum overall 3.0 GPA
  • Completion of a 200-level Spanish course: Internship supervisors may speak English, the internships are primarily conducted in Spanish
  • Career Services resume/cover letter workshop
  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interview with Director of INB Internships

* Please note, space is limited to 12 students total for both tracks

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