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Hong Kong Baptist University

Housing: Visiting students live in the University residence halls on the Baptist University Road Campus.  The fully-furnished double rooms in the residence halls are air-conditioned and include an internet connection.  Every two rooms share a bathroom.  All rooms are single-sex.  Common areas in the residence halls include: laundry room, recreation room, TV room, computer room, gym, study area, and a student lounge with small pantry area on each floor.  Students have the option of living with another international student, a local student from Hong Kong, or a student from mainland China.

Meals: There is no meal plan at HKBU.  Students eat meals at the dining halls and cafeterias on campus and at nearby restaurants.  The cost for a meal on campus runs between $2 and $15 depending on the particular dining hall (some are more restaurant style, while others are more casual grab-and-go) and the size of the meal.

Orientation: The International Office and the East-West Encounters Programme offers an orientation for new international students.

Activities: Visiting students are encouraged to participate in sports activities and student organizations. Both the Wai Hang Sports Centre and the Joint Sports Centre are multi-purpose sports complexes which provide modern sports facilities to all students and organize various athletic activities.  The International Office organizes the East-West Encounters Programme in which HKBU students are grouped together with international students for cultural and language exchange.  This program holds bi-weekly gatherings at the Global Cafe --the gatherings range from welcome events to workshops on Chinese calligraphy and Chinese cooking (dumplings!).  The Global Café even hosts events for Western and Eastern holidays—Halloween and Chinese New Year, among others.  The East-West Encounters Programme also organizes an end of the semester party. The Office of Student Affairs oversees a range of student organizations and offers a multitude of student events: join the Investment club or the Karate club!  A number of activities for students are organized by the staff of the Student Residence Halls to encourage cross-cultural communication.  In addition, the Chaplain's Office organizes Christian programmes and activities for interested students.

Hong Kong

Field Trips and Excursions: The International Office and the East-West Encounters Programme offers monthly outings to various locations of interest in and around Hong Kong.  For more information about the types of outings and a recent sample schedule click here.  In addition, the Office of Student Affairs and some of the student organizations may organizes excursion to locations in mainland China.

Life in Hong Kong: HKBU is centrally located on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. The University has three separate but closely adjacent campuses - the Ho Sin Hang Campus, the Shaw Campus, and the Baptist University Road Campus which are all within easy walking distance of one another.  Traveling to and from the campus and around Hong Kong is very easy by means of public transport, which is both convenient and inexpensive: underground railway, buses, taxis, ferries, and trains.

Travel: Students may choose to travel independently during free time—however, the attendance policy at HKBU is quite strict so students must plan appropriately if they plan to travel.  Furthermore, students planning to travel into mainland China may need a tourist visa, which can be obtained in Hong Kong.

Student Perspective

"Hong Kong is this crazy city that never sleeps (literally never and neither will you), with crazy lights, crazy smells, crazy sounds, and crazier people. Life never stops here. I loved the intensity and pace of life in Hong Kong. At first it was overwhelming and all I wanted to do was hide in my room. But as I made more discoveries I became more gutsy and went on weekly excursions or trips. By the end of the semester I was backpacking across S.E Asia. HK was one of the most gratifying, intense, and introspective times of my life so far. My only regret was not trying stinky tofu in Mong Kok."

--Senny Luu '12



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September 30, 2013

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February 24, 2014


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