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The Rollins College exchange program at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) offers students the opportunity to directly enroll into courses at HKBU and to live in one of the most exciting, dynamic, and economically important cities in Asia.  Since all courses, except for language instruction, are taught in English and students have access to courses in a wide range of fields, this program is an excellent fit for students looking to fulfill major and minor requirements who also have an interest in China and Asia.  The direct enrollment structure means that Rollins students will be fully integrated into the host university, taking classes and living with local and other international students and taking full advantage of all the activities and resources available to students at HKBU.

Hong Kong Baptist University: Established in 1956, HKBU offers excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the arts, humanities, business, social sciences and sciences.  At around 5000 undergraduates, HKBU is one of the smaller institutions in Asia and can therefore offer strong support to the hundreds of study abroad and exchange students who they welcome each year from their partner institutions around the globe.

Location: Hong Kong is a city of seven millions residents, most of whom are Chinese, although there are people from all over the world living and working in Hong Kong.  Chinese (primarily the Cantonese dialect, followed by the rising use of Mandarin) and English are the official languages.  As a primarily Chinese city, Hong Kong celebrates Chinese holidays and traditions; however, the legacy of British colonial administration (Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997) has had a significant influence on the economy and government in Hong Kong.  The weather is sub-tropical: rainy most of the year, with winter temperatures in the forties and fifties and summer weather consistently hot and humid.  Students will find plenty to see and do in Hong Kong—cultural performances, historic sites, parks, museums, restaurants and shopping.

Exchange Places: Most students participating on this program are able to have an exchange place.  However, the number of exchange places available depends on how many students HKBU sends to Rollins and the number of available places changes year to year.  Exchange places are not guaranteed and interested students should visit IP for advising.

Program Costs:

  • Costs: The program fee is equal to Rollins College tuition and fees, plus room and board, for one semester.  For 2014-2015 this is $28,275.
  • Includes: Tuition and program administration, accommodation, complete medical and emergency insurance, orientation, and campus/program activities.
  • Does not include:
    • Airfare from Orlando: Estimated at $1500
    • On-site transportation: Estimated at $200
    • Personal expenses and course materials: Estimated at $600
    • Souvenirs, entertainment and independent travel: Costs will vary widely but an average estimate is $1000-$1800
    • Travel/Property insurance (if desired): Costs will vary
  • Discount on Student Account: In December for the spring semester and July for the fall semester, a discount will be applied to the Student Account for meals not included on the program.  The discount should cover normal, basic costs for meals on campus. Students with significant financial aid may end up with a positive balance on the Student Account which can then be requested as a refund. 
  • Need-Based Scholarships: scholarships based on financial need are available to off-set costs associated with international airfare, and, in exceptional cases, other costs associated with study abroad.  Students apply for scholarships through the normal program application.

Asian Studies at Rollins: The Asian Studies major & minor that provides students the opportunity to study in depth one of the most important regions in the world. The importance of Asia derives from its large population, long history, complex and diverse societies and cultures, and rising economic significance. As the peoples and nations of the world become increasingly interconnected, successful leaders will benefit from a mastery of this key region.

The Asian Studies major & minor combine courses in history, culture and politics with those from modern languages and an array of electives from other disciplines. Students are expected to do the following:

• develop an understanding of the historical, cultural, political and economic forces that have shaped modern Asia
• master the rudiments of an Asian language
• experience cultural immersion through study abroad in at least one Asian country

With course pre-approval on a semester program, majors can transfer up to (4) courses and minors can transfer courses as determined by the Asian Studies department.

Requirements for Admission:

  • Sophomores, juniors and seniors
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Good college standing
  • Good record with Community Standards
  • Good references
  • Professional Application

Fall 2014 Calendar

  • TBD

Spring 2014 Calendar

  • Jan 6-7: Arrival at HKBU
  • Jan 8-10: Orientation
  • Jan 13: Courses Begin
  • Jan 31-Feb 3: Chinese New Year
  • Apr 5: Ching Ming Festival
  • Apr 18-21: Easter Break
  • Apr 26: Last day of classes
  • May 6: Buddha's birthday
  • May 5-17: Final Exams
  • May 23: Last Check-out from housing

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