Hong Kong Baptist University

Courses: Students can select from all the courses offered at HKBU—provided they have met any required pre-requisites.  Since courses are not finalized until arrival at HKBU and some courses may not be available due to scheduling conflicts or enrollment limits, students typically select six to eight courses initially.  Since most courses are worth three credits, students typically take four to six courses—for a total of 12-18 credits.  Since the educational system in Hong Kong is quite different, first-year courses at HKBU are appropriate for sophomores and juniors while second-year HKBU courses are appropriate for juniors and seniors.  For further information on courses and links to course listings click here. Courses are offered in the following fields:

  • Accounting (ACCT)
  • Biology (BIOL)
  • Biomedical Science (BMS)
  • Business (BUS)
  • Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Chinese Language and Literature (CHI)
  • Chinese Medicine (CMED)
  • Communication (COMM)
  • Computer Science (COMP)
  • Cinema and Television (CTV)
  • Digital Graphic Communication (DGC)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • English Language and Literature (ENG)
  • European Studies (EURO)
  • Finance (FIN)
  • French (FREN)
  • Geography (GEOG)
  • German (GERM)
  • History (HIST)
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Humanities (HUM)
  • Information Systems and e-Business Management (ISEM)
  • Information Technology (I.T.)
  • Italian (ITAL)
  • Journalism (JOUR)
  • Japanese (JPN)
  • Language (LANG)
  • Mathematics (MATH)
  • Marketing (MKT)
  • Music (MUS)
  • Organizational Communication (ORGC)
  • Physical Education (P.E.)
  • Physical Education and Recreation Management (PERM)
  • Physics (PHYS)
  • Political Science (POLS)
  • Public Relations and Advertising (PRA)
  • Psychology (PSY)
  • Religion and Philosophy (R.P.)
  • Religion (REL)
  • Science (SCI)
  • Sociology (SOC)
  • Spanish (SPAN)
  • Statistics (STAT)
  • Translation (TRA)
  • Visual Arts (V.A.)

The Asian Studies major & minor provide students the opportunity to study in depth one of the most important regions in the world. The importance of Asia derives from its large population, long history, complex and diverse societies and cultures, and rising economic significance. As the peoples and nations of the world become increasingly interconnected, successful leaders will benefit from a mastery of this key region.

The Asian Studies major & minor combine courses in history, culture and politics with those from modern languages and an array of electives from other disciplines. Students are expected to do the following:

• develop an understanding of the historical, cultural, political and economic forces that have shaped modern Asia
• master the rudiments of an Asian language
• experience cultural immersion through study abroad in at least one Asian country

With course pre-approval on a semester program, majors can transfer up to (4) courses and minors can transfer courses as determined by the Asian Studies department.

Transfer of Credits: Students participating on this program will need to seek the appropriate departmental approval for all major/minor requirements and approval for General Education Requirements through Student Records. All courses on this program appear on the Rollins transcript as transfer credits and the grades are factored into the Rollins GPA. Students who successfully complete the HKBU program through Rollins will receive an official transcript from Hong Kong Baptist University. It can take up to 3 months to receive the official transcript.

Faculty and Staff: All courses are taught by HKBU faculty.  Student support is offered by the HKBU International Office.

Country: Honk Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China)

Capital: Honk Kong

Currency: Honk Kong Dollar

Language: Chinese & English

Dialing Code: +852

Population: 7 million

Time Zone +/- EST: +13

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