Student Life

Housing and Meals: Students on this program will live in a homestay.  Homestays include breakfast/dinner (Rollins will supplement lunch via a stipend) and once a week laundry service. Homestays are 2-4 students per family (majority 2-3 students), and all students are ISA program students. Homestays are located throughout the city, primarily in the Belgrano, Palermo and Recoleta neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs. ISA chooses the location of each homestay based first on safety, and then on the atmosphere of the location and the personality of the family. Students are provided with breakfast and dinner every day of the week, but wil purchase lunch on their own. Also note that internet access is not common in Argentina, thus homestays will not necessarily be equipped with internet access. ISA does provide internet access at the ISA office, as well as the host universities.

Flight: Depart for Buenos Aires on the start date of your program. Please keep in mind that most flights will arrive the following day due overnight flights. If you will be in Argentina before the program begins or if you will be flying from another country, you should plan on arriving in Buenos Aires ONE DAY AFTER your program start date. Please consult your program itinerary if you have any questions about the correct arrival day. ISA does not provide airport transfer at the end of the program. You are responsible for returning to the airport on your own on your program end date. You should make arrangements to fly out of Buenos Aires on the last day of the program.

Airport Pickup: All students will fly into the Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport (airport code EZE). The designated pickup time is between 8 am and 12 pm for fall and 9 am and 1 pm for spring programs. Airport pickup times are striclty enforced so we recommend that you arrive at one hour before the end of the airport pickup time listed. An ISA representative will greet you at the airport. Then as a group, you will go directly to the University of Belgrano to meet your host family, who will then take you home.

Orientation: Students fly into Buenos Aires where they are met by the resident staff and their host family. The ISA staff will provide students with an extensive on-site orientation during the first few days, where they are informed of academic schedules, safety information, detailed information on excursions and information on cell phones. These orientations are conducted by ISA resident directors, allowing students a chance to familiarize themselves with their directors even before students take their placement exams. The staff will offer a brief introduction to Argentina's history and culture, while also discussing ways to adjust to the Argentine lifestyle. Orientation includes a city tour of Buenos Aires.

Iguazu Falls

Excursions: Students who participate on the ISA Buenos Aires program will have the opportunity to go on several excursions during their semester abroad.  Below, find a list of the most common excursions sponsored by ISA.

  • Día del Campo: The Argentine gaucho is a prominent figure in the history and culture of Argentina. During this excursion, participants have the unique opportunity to visit a farm near Buenos Aires and learn about the life of an Argentine gaucho and his farming traditions, and taste tradtional country cuisine. Participants learn about agribusiness in Argentina and experience traditional gaucho music and dances. The day is made complete with insight into the history and preparation of "mate," a traditional tea, and an "asado," Argentine-style barbecue.
  • Rosario: Students will explore the third largest city in Argentina, Rosario, which has an even larger port than Buenos Aires. They will stand awe-struck as they behold one of the largest monuments in the world, the National Monument to the Flag, commemorating the creation of the national flag of Argentina.  After enjoying flavorful Argentine cuisine in a quaint city cafe, they will enjoy an afternoon at Independance Park or take a city tour and learn about the adventures of the revolutionary Che Guevara, who was born in Rosario.
  • Iguazú Falls: The Iguazu Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful and spectacular in the world.  Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil in the Brazilian state of Parana, and spanning over four miles with the highest point being 210 feet, the waterfalls are known for the abundant array of rich vegetation and the ever-present rainbows above the water.  Students will visit the San Ignacio Ruins and explore the Argentine side of the falls.
  • El Tigre: This riverside town of 290,000 people is a popular weekend retreat and most famous for the attraction known as Puerto de los Frutos.  In the past, fruits picked on the islands were traded, but now you can buy wicker articles, carpets, furniture, adornments, and native handicrafts.  Also in this delta region is the house, and now museum, of the national hero from the province of San Juan, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento.





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February 24, 2014

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