Faculty are an integral piece of International Programs at Rollins and we are blessed to have such an engaged, hardworking and internationalized faculty.  The number and variety of our Field Study programs, which could not occur without faculty leadership and innovation, set us apart from other institutions.  Faculty have long been involved in the development of our semester and summer programs as well, and faculty connections have led to valuable partnerships around the globe.  The Internationalization Committee—a group composed of faculty and staff with a commitment towards campus-wide internationalization, has also played an important role in the development and approval of new study abroad programs, both semester and short-term.

The pages in this section are designed to assist faculty interested in working with International Programs on program development or on Field Study programs, and to introduce the Internationalization Committee and the Rollins College Strategic Plan for Internationalization.

Faculty Advisors

We hope that faculty advising students will find useful information throughout our site and encourage faculty to provide feedback on how we can assist you to advise students regarding study abroad.  This site includes detailed information about individual programs, extensive information about program costs, financial aid, scholarships and funding, and exact information about all of the academic policies and procedures governing study abroad.