Application Process


1. Access your FoxLink account

2. Click on the "student" appropriate tab (i.e. "AS/CPS Student")

3. Locate the Study Abroad RIPA Application portal on the left side of the page

4. Click on "RIPA Application"

5. Click on "create a new application"

6. Then choose your program from the list.

* Please Note: You will be automatically charged a non-refundable $25 application fee.

Questions? Visit the Office of International Programs during walk-in advising (M - R 12-2pm)


How to Apply

Pay close attention to the deadlines and requirements of the specific program to which you want to apply! Application procedures vary between programs; you can view all application details on RIPA (Rollins International Programs Application). 

Apply before the deadline!  All students must submit a RIPA and any necessary forms through FoxLink by the deadline listed on International Program's website (regardless of the deadline set by the program provider). 



Deadlines vary semester to semester (but will always fall on a Monday).  Deadlines for 2014-2015:

  • Spring 2015 Semester Programs & Winter field studies 2015 (RIPAs will open in July) - September 29
  • Spring Break 2015 & Summer 2015 field studies tied to a spring course - November 10
  • Summer 2015 Programs - February 9
  • Fall 2015 Semester Programs - February 23
  • Winter 2016 field studies tied to a fall course - April 6

Application Fee

There is a nonrefundable $25 application fee for all study abroad programs. This fee covers the expenses associated with our on-line application system. Once you start the RIPA process, you will be automatically charged this fee.


If you apply for multiple programs during the same term, you will only be charged one application fee.  For example, if you apply in the fall semester for a winter field study and a spring semester program, you will only pay one application fee.


General Requirements for Admission 

Minimum Cumulative GPA Requirements:

  • Field Study: 2.0
  • Rollins Approved Summer Programs: 2.5 
  • Rollins Approved Semester Programs: 2.5**  

** Please consult program-specific requirements as individual programs may have different minimum GPAs.


Academic & Conduct Requirements (applies to ALL study abroad and field study programs):

  • Good academic standing
  • Clean record with the Office of Community Standards
  • Students must also display maturity, personal responsibility, and commitment to the Rollins community


Program Specific Requirements:

  • Some programs require academic references, a meeting with IP staff, an interview with the faculty leader, and/or language requirements
  • Pay close attention to the specific application requirements of your program and apply before the application deadline (this will allow you to make adjustments to your application if needed). 


Please Note:

  • Due to limits in the available spots on each program, even if students meet the minimum requirements to apply it does not guarantee a spot on the program.
  • Applicants who apply but do not meet the mimimum criteria will only be considered if spots are available after the application deadline and will also be required to complete an interview.

Requirements for Holt School Students


  • To apply for any study abroad or field study program, Holt School students must currently be enrolled in a degree program, matriculated through the initial admission review process (i.e. completed two semesters at Holt), in good academic and college standing (GPA of 3.0 or above preferred), and have a good judicial record.


  • Holt students must coordinate with their Holt advisors to confirm credit approval and acceptance.  Holt graduate students will not automatically receive graduate credit for A&S/CPS field studies and cannot be considered for financial support unless the field study course is applicable to their current degree program.


  • A&S/CPS Field Study: Holt students will pay the same price as A&S students and are eligible for financial support through International Programs and Hamilton Holt. 
  • Holt Field Study: Will cost the same as standard Holt tuition for the relevant number of credits plus a program fee.
  • Semester Study Abroad: If a Holt student is accepted into an Approved Semester Program the cost will be equivalent to the cost of an academic semester in the College of Arts & Sciences or Professional Studies (room & board, tuition, and fees).

Rollins Policy Violations

Students who have a major policy/conduct violation on their record within 12 months prior to an application deadline may not be eligible to participate in a study abroad program. In addition, students found responsible for major policy violations between acceptance into a program and the program departure could be withdrawn from the program. In such a case, students will still be responsible for any program costs incurred on their behalf.


Major violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol – specifically, DUI and/or providing alcohol to minors
  • Illegal substances
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Hazing
  • Identification cards – possession of a fake ID (felony)
  • An incident that involves multiple policy violations
  • An incident that has resulted in the sanction of residence hall dismissal or suspension
  • Repeat violations for the same offense (i.e. two alcohol violations) or multiple violations during your enrollment at Rollins.

Please Note: The Office of Community Standards and Responsibility, in consultation with the Office of International Programs, will evaluate each violation closely to determine if it is grounds for denial of application or removal from a program. In the case that 12 months have passed since a major violation, Community Standards and IP will also evaluate the situation to determine the student's eligibility.