Insurance Plans

Rollins College obtains most benefit plans through membership in the Independent Universities Benefits Association (ICUBA).


ICUBA is a 501(c)9 corporation of private schools in Florida that purchases benefits for its participating members. ICUBA was approved by the state of Florida on April 1, 2003.

All detailed benefit plan information can be found on the ICUBA Benefits site. Employees should use this site to access the Rollins Benefits Library, enroll in benefits, view current benefits, access HRA & FSA balances and update life insurance beneficiary information.

There is an easy password reset on the ICUBA website. Click "Forgot Your Password?" and input SSN, company key (ICUBA) and date of birth. Then answer the security question and set up a new password.

Member Services

Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association (ICUBA)

Benefit: Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), Balances, Reimbursements, Issues, Lost cards, etc.
Contact: | T. 866.377.5102
ID Card? Mastercard

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Benefit: | T. 855.258.9029
ID Card? Yes


Benefit: Plan
Contact: | T. 800.207.2568
ID Card? Yes

Aetna Resources for Living

Benefit: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, EAP
Contact: | T. 877.398-5816
ID Card? No card for EAP. Use back of Medical card for Behavioral Health


Benefit: Dental Insurance
Contact:  | T. 800.979.4760
ID Card? Yes


Benefit: Vision Insurance
Contact: | T. 866.425.2323
ID Card? Yes


Benefit: Voluntary & College Life, AD&D, Long Term Disability
Contact: Contact Human Resources
ID Card? Policy booklets on ICUBA Benefits Site

Additional Voluntary Insurance


Benefit: CNA Insurance
Contact: T. 800.266.2904
ID Card? No