Kronos Toolkit for Managers

Managers & Staff with Kronos Timekeeping & Time Sheet Responsibilities

It is important that departments have appropriate controls in place to prevent timecard falsification.  Managers with timekeeping responsibilities must exercise due care to ensure that the timecards they are approving accurately reflect the hours that an employee has actually worked.  Department heads are ultimately accountable for ensuring that adequate procedures and controls are in place and being followed.

The Human Resources Department is available to assist departments in evaluating their timekeeping procedures and controls and to assist in identifying and implementing changes suitable for their operations.  A number of procedures and controls should be considered, including but not limited to:    

  • Designating specific workstations within your department to be used for students to clock in and out when beginning and ending their shifts.

  • Prohibiting student workers from clocking in and out from wireless laptops or other work stations outside of the work immediate area.

  • Identifying the IP addresses associated with departmental work stations and regularly reviewing the punch detail audit trail in Kronos to ensure that time card entries are not originating from unauthorized machines outside of the work location.  Upon request the HR Office can provide you with the IP address of the workstations you designate and show you how to monitor the audit trail report.

  • Supervisors should maintain a hard copy of the student work schedule and review it daily against the “in” and “out” punches for assigned employees each day.  Discrepancies should be reconciled immediately and not left to the end of the pay period. 

  • A manager’s span of control and timekeeping responsibilities should not exceed what they can reasonably be expected to manage taking into account the nature of their work, layout of department facilities, complexity of operations and a variety of additional factors.

  • Requiring student workers to review and approve their electronic time sheets prior to supervisory approval.  

All managers and staff with Kronos timekeeping and timecard responsibilities must review and approve employee timecards not later than midnight on the last day of the pay period (Friday).   Please be sure that all necessary edits, adjustments and approvals are completed on time.  Managers who have students working in a 'secondary' position in your department, please be sure their transfers are complete with both the ORGN and POSN entered. If not complete, the 'primary' position will be charged and the student may not be paid at the correct rate of pay.

Should you have questions or need our assistance please feel free to contact us.   Your assistance in helping us ensure the integrity of our payroll process is greatly appreciated.


Kronos Paycode Definitions:

  • BEK = Bereavement Leave Pay
  • CLK = College Closure Day
  • COP = Call Out Pay
  • HOK = Holiday Pay
  • JUK = Jury Duty Pay
  • OCK =On Call Pay
  • OT1 = Overtime Pay
  • PTK = Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • REG = Regular Pay


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