Leadership Academy
2014 Leadership Foundations Cohort
Rollins Leadership Foundations: Spring 2014 Cohort

Overview & Mission

The Rollins Leadership Academy is a progressive, in-house leadership development and community building program intended to develop and strengthen the capacity of Rollins employees to support the Rollins mission through effective and responsible leadership.  The program is founded on two principle beliefs.  First, that leadership is dynamic relational behavior not confined by position or authority.  As such, employees at every level and title should develop their capacity to lead effectively.  Second, that leadership development is an ongoing and never ending process of self-examination, reflection, feedback, learning and coaching.  Building upon this philosophy, the program is designed to empower employees and provide them with the knowledge and relational competencies to be effective leaders and take meaningful action in support of the mission each and every day. 


The Leadership Academy is comprised of two distinct but integrated programs -  Leadership Foundations and its advanced counterpart, the Advanced Leadership Program (ALP).   Both programs blend in-depth, interactive workshop instruction, teambuilding, self and peer assessment using multiple personality and behavioral style indicators (MBTI®, FIRO-B®, Leadership Practices Inventory®, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument®, Everything DiSC Management Profile®, CCL Benchmarks® 360-Degree Leadership Profile), and individualized leadership coaching to enhance learning and relational skill building.   Included among the Programs’ many facilitators and coaches are College faculty, senior administrators, licensed counselors, and leadership development consultants.


Leadership Foundations is a semester long program focusing on leadership styles, supervision, conflict management, workplace inclusivity, feedback skills, and customer service.  The ALP, as its name implies, is a more advanced program integrating in-depth self assessment, leadership coaching, and contemporary leadership workshops in such areas as innovation, emotional intelligence, ethics, legitimacy, social capital, and college strategy.  The two programs provide employees with 1) a foundational and advanced understanding of leadership and its many dimensions; 2) an awareness of their own relational styles, the styles of others, and the implications for successful interaction and teamwork; 3) an awareness of their leadership strengths and developmental opportunities; 4) action plans based on individual needs; and 5) the opportunity to develop supportive and cooperative relationships across campus which facilitate effective leadership and problem solving. 

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