Staff Grievance Dispute Resolution


The College recognizes that from time to time staff members may experience problems or have conflicts or concerns related to their employment at Rollins. These procedures are intended to provide a fair internal process for resolving disputes of staff members. The success of these procedures depends upon the willingness of all members of the College community to participate when asked and to do so truthfully. Retaliation of any employee who exercises his or her rights under this policy is prohibited. Any employee who penalizes or retaliates against another employee for exercising their rights will be subject to disciplinary action.

Pre-Grievance Counseling

Representatives of the Human Resources Department will be available to counsel staff members who believe they have a grievance or need assistance in resolving a work-related conflict or problem. Pre-grievance counseling is non-judgemental. The role of the consultant is to help the staff member identify the source of the problem and provide information concerning College resources, policies, and protective state and federal laws and regulations.

Informal Resolution

The College will make a good faith effort to achieve informal resolution of a problem brought to its attention through direct consultation with all parties involved. Many complaints and conflicts can be resolved through open discussion between the parties, and staff members are encouraged to engage in direct consultation with one another in an effort to achieve conciliation.  The College offers a mediation program intended to support the informal resolution of conflicts. Mediation is not a form of adjudication, but a voluntary process of dispute settlement in which a neutral third party helps parties reach a voluntary resolution through negotiation, persuasion and problem solving. Mediation is conducted by individuals who have received formal training in mediation and dispute resolution. Staff members who agree to participate in voluntary mediation do not give up the right to file a formal grievance at a later time if informal attempts to resolve a problem have not been successful.

The mediation process is best utilized for resolving interpersonal conflicts and disagreements and is not intended to be used for resolution of alleged violations of College policies, employee misconduct and failure to meet performance standards.  While a staff member may desire to resolve a problem informally, the College retains the right to conduct a formal investigation and take appropriate corrective action as it determines necessary.  If informal attempts to resolve a complaint or conflict are not successful or are not appropriate given the nature of the problem, a staff member may commence a formal complaint through the grievance procedure.

For additional information, please see Policy 700.10.

For More Information:

Matt Hawks
Human Resources Director

David Zajchowski
Human Resources Manager