Staff Engagement Survey

Fox Day2011 Rollins Staff Engagement Survey

This annual survey is intended to help us in our ongoing efforts to assess staff engagement levels and sentiments regarding our workplace.  This knowledge will allow us to focus workplace improvement practices and initiatives in areas where they are most needed - all with an eye towards ensuring Rollins is a great place to work.    

The survey will measure staff opinions in areas such as the following:

  • Affiliation and job satisfaction
  • Relationships with leaders, managers, and co-workers
  • Coworker loyalty, trust and team effectiveness
  • Feeling valued
  • Connection to mission
  • Our people practices and benefits
  • Intent to stay


The survey is completely anonymous and will be available both over the Web and on paper (for those who don’t have regular access to a computer or who would be more comfortable completing a paper version).  The survey process is designed to ensure confidentiality of individual respondents.  The web version does not track email accounts or IP addresses of respondents and the paper version can be returned to HR in sealed envelopes.

The deadline for completing the survey was April 4th.  Results of the survey will be shared soon.


2010 Rollins Staff Engagement Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the 2010 Rollins Staff Engagement Survey.  A total of 267 out of 479 staff completed this year’s survey, representing an overall response rate of 56%.  This is an outstanding response rate through down from last year's 70% response rate.  As we previously noted, the findings will help us assess staff engagement levels and sentiments across the Rollins workforce and enable us to focus workplace improvement practices and initiatives in areas where they are most needed – all with an eye towards ensuring Rollins is a great place to work.  

Attached are the aggregate campus-wide results for survey statements 1-42.  A composite score has been calculated for each survey statement based on the distribution of responses across the rating scale.  These composite scores reflect aggregate perceptions.  Based on these scores, the survey statements have been ranked from highest to lowest.  Scores in the range of 5 to 6 are desirable and reflect solid agreement.  Scores below 5 reflect opportunities for improvement. 

This year’s results are very much in line with the 2009 results with composite scores trending slightly higher on a number of survey statements.  Overall, the results indicate that staff are very proud to work for Rollins, are confident about its future, desire to continue their affiliation as employees, understand how their jobs help the bottom line, are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them, are committed to producing top quality work, and feel good about the work/life balance and benefits they receive.  Staff perceptions are much more mixed regarding the level of their pay, their accountability for performance, the recognition and feedback they receive, their opportunities for professional growth and career development, the communication they experience, and their ability to speak up and challenge existing processes. 

Click here to review the results of the 2010 Rollins Staff Engagement Survey.   

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Human Resources Director

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Human Resources Manager