Staff Engagement Survey
2014 Staff Engagement Survey 

Thank you to everyone who completed the 2014 Rollins Staff Engagement Survey.  A total of 423 staff members completed this year’s survey, representing an overall response rate of 84%.  This is an outstanding response rate.  As we previously noted, the findings will help us assess staff engagement levels and sentiments across the Rollins staff workforce and enable us to focus workplace improvement practices and initiatives in areas where they are most needed – all with an eye towards ensuring Rollins is a great place to work.

Attached are the aggregate campus-wide results for survey statements 1-43.  A composite score has been calculated for each survey statement based on the distribution of responses across the rating scale.  These composite scores reflect aggregate perceptions.  Based on these scores, the survey statements have been ranked from highest to lowest.  Scores in the range of 5 to 6 are desirable and reflect solid agreement.  Scores below 5 reflect opportunities for improvement.

Overall, scores in the 5+ range indicate that staff are:

  • Proud to work at Rollins
  • Find their jobs interesting and challenging
  • Are committed to Rollins’ service excellence standards
  • Are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of them
  • Believe their departments are good places to work,
  • And very importantly, would recommend Rollins as a great place to work! 

This year’s scores are also trending higher across many survey statements compared with our 2012 and 2010 composite scores (some by as much as 10-15% higher when compared with 2010).  These positive score trends indicate that staff perceptions regarding workplace accountability, performance feedback, recognition, collaboration, intradepartmental communication, voice in decision making and ability to challenge existing processes are improving, though there is much opportunity for additional improvement.  Across all survey topic areas, staff perceptions regarding compensation remain the most mixed.   

It is important to note that these aggregate scores to not reflect how every individual staff member feels and that staff sentiments are likely to vary somewhat across different divisions and departments, with scores deviating from these aggregate campus-wide scores.  To this end, the vice presidents, deans and major department heads will be receiving survey data broken out by their respective areas.  Responses to open-ended questions will not be shared in cases where the anonymity of respondents would be compromised.  By slicing the data by division, major department and job family, we will be able to do some comparisons and better isolate perceived strengths, concerns, and improvement opportunities across the College. 

As Rollins staff, we play a central role in bringing the College’s mission to life for our students and other stakeholders.  We invite you to review the data and consider the many questions it raises about our engagement and capacity to support the Rollins mission, and hope it will serve as a source of meaningful discussion both broadly and within your respective work areas.  Thank you for your interest in this initiative.

Click here to review the results of the 2014 Rollins Staff Engagement Survey.   
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