Employee Relations

      Crossley AwardThe Human Resources Department takes a broad perspective on employee relations and provides information, advice, and solutions that pertain to building and managing good relationships between supervisors and employees; change management; employee awards and recognition; performance evaluation; as well as on workplace conflict, discipline and misconduct.

      To meet these goals, the Human Resources Department provides the following resources:

      • Advise and refer employees experiencing personal problems
      • Develop and manage programs for employee recognition and appreciation
      • Problem solve with supervisors around employee and organizational issues
      • Assist/coach employees in managing relations with their supervisors
      • Assist employees in responding to disciplinary or performance counseling
      • Advise supervisors when considering employment action for misconduct or performance problems to ensure compliance with College standards and fair and consistent treatment





For More Information:

Matt Hawks
Human Resources Director

David Zajchowski
Assistant Director HR, Talent Programs