Tuition Programs

Rollins Graduates

Rollins College provides educational opportunities for employees who wish to gain and/or enhance their knowledge in a field of study.  Our tuition policies do not constitute a guarantee to employees for admission into the program.  Departmental work requirements and needs, as well as admissions standards of the individual program applied for, will govern the employee's ability to attend.  These benefits also provide educational opportunities and financial assistance to faculty and staff for their spouses and dependent children.

Graduate programs for employees are tax free for the first $5,250 in tuition per year. Graduate Programs for dependents are taxed on the value of the program after the first dollar and will be included in taxable income for the year.

An eligible child is one who is a natural child, stepchild or a child legally adopted or for whom you have been granted court-appointed custody before that child attained age 16. A child who is not considered a dependent under the IRS guidelines will be eligible for the tuition remission. However, the tuition cost will be included as taxable income. Please review the various tuition programs for additional information.

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