Tuition Exchange for Dependents

  • Eligible after ninety (90) days of continuous service
  • Provides educational opportunities to eligible dependent children of faculty and staff to participate in a tuition exchange program with members of the associated Colleges of the South (ACS)
  • The program is designed for college aged dependent children who are enrolled as full-time students in an undergraduate, degree-seeking program
  • Eligibility for the Exchange Program does not guarantee admission to the exporting school as schools may limit the number of students they accept from another exchange school. 
  • Each participating student must pay a participation fee of $1,500 per year to the institution and Rollins pays a fee of $1,500 to ACS
  • Eligible dependent children are those who are a natural child, stepchild or a child legally adopted or for whom you have been granted court-appointed custody before that child attained age 16 and who is primarily dependent on the Faculty/Staff member for financial support as defined by the internal revenue code
  • Contact the Dean of Admission at 646-2161 for the appropriate applications
  • See policy 300.78 for additional information.
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