Effective April 1, 2014, no new contributions are being deposited with TIAA-CREF, and most assets transferred to Transamerica Retirement Solutions.  However, some annuity assets remain with TIAA-CREF.  The following are the details regarding the transition to Transamerica.  TIAA-CREF can be contacted at 800-842-2776.

1)  Contributions invested after August, 2012, were deposited into a Retirement Choice (RC) contract or Retirement Choice Plus (RCP) contract with TIAA-CREF.  The RC and RCP contracts are group contracts, and these funds were moved automatically to Transamerica effective 4/1/2014.

- Please note: The TIAA Traditional annuity in the RC contract can only be moved in monthly increments over 84 months to your Transamerica account.  This account will be moved automatically over the next 84 months.

- All other funds invested after August, 2012 have moved to Transamerica.

2)  Pre-RC and RCP accounts may or may not have moved to Transamerica.  These are contracts with contributions prior to August, 2012, and include the RA, SRA, GRA, GSRA contracts.

Funds invested in annuity contracts will remain with TIAA-CREF unless you decide to move them to Transamerica.  The following are considered to be individual annuity contracts with TIAA-CREF:

TIAA Real Estate 

CREF Stock 

CREF Money Market

CREF Social Choice 

CREF Bond Market

CREF Global Equities 

CREF Growth

CREF Equity Index 

CREF Inflation‐linked Bond

TIAA Traditional 

Funds invested in mutual funds moved to Transamerica.  The following are considered to be mutual funds with TIAA-CREF:

American Funds EuroPacific Growth

American Funds Washington Mutual Investors 

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle Retirement

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2035 Retirement 

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2010 Retirement

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2040 Retirement 

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2015 Retirement

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2045 Retirement 

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2020 Retirement

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2050 Retirement 

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2025 Retirement

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2055 Retirement 

TIAA‐CREF Lifecycle 2030 Retirement

Western Asset Core Plus 

TIAA‐CREF Growth & Income Retirement

TIAA‐CREF International Equity 

TIAA‐CREF International Equity Index

TIAA‐CREF Large‐cap Growth Index 

TIAA‐CREF Large‐cap Value

TIAA‐CREF Large‐cap Value Index 

TIAA‐CREF Mid‐cap Growth

TIAA‐CREF Mid‐cap Value 

TIAA‐CREF Real Estate Securities

TIAA‐CREF Small‐cap BL Index 

TIAA‐CREF Small‐cap Equity

TIAA‐CREF Social CH Equity 

TIAA‐CREF S&P 500 Index

TIAA‐CREF Equity Index

3) Funds used for securing a loan with TIAA-CREF also remained with TIAA-CREF.

For More Information:

Jennifer Addleman
Benefits Administrator