Service Excellence Departmental Award

The purpose of this award is to identify examples of service excellence performed by departments.  This award recognizes a department that consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence in teamwork and collaboration with other groups/departments, and has proven its willingness to assist others in the Rollins College community responsively, respectfully, collaboratively, and competently.


"Together, we inspire purposeful lives through distinctive, engaged learning and exceptional service."

Recognition Program


  • All departments/teams are eligible, regardless of category


  • Nominations will be accepted from all faculty and staff

  • A call for nominations will be put out each year. Nominations should be submitted using the attached survey link within the call or below on this page

Nominations must include the following information

  • Statement describing the nominee’s exceptional contribution to service excellence

  • Give detailed, factual information and be specific about what makes nominee outstanding.  Explain how department/team meets or exceeds the ideals identified in the selection criteria. Provide evidence of sustained commitment to exceptional customer service

  • Contact information for the nominator, and the nominee

Selection Criteria

Nominees for this award should have demonstrated evidence of work that promotes responsiveness, respect, collaboration and competence, as defined below.


  • Innovative, resourceful and timely
  • Approachable and open-minded
  • Solution-oriented
  • Personalized and caring
  • Balancing individual and institutional need


  • Friendly, courteous and considerate
  • Exhibiting care and compassion when serving others
  • Valuing different ideas and perspectives
  • Treating others with dignity


  • Effective at communicating within and outside of our immediate work groups
  • Working together to accomplish departmental and institutional goals
  • Demonstrating teamwork across boundaries
  • Supporting others in what they do
  • Keeping our eye on the big picture


  • Thorough knowledge of job and institutional mission
  • Effective, efficient, and reliable performance
  • Proficient in meeting student and customer needs  
  • Ability to align our efforts with departmental and institutional goals
  • Ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will be comprised of:

  • Recognition Committee co-chairs, Sub-committee.  Should a member of the Committee or Sub-committee receive a nomination, that member will refrain from participating in the selection
  • Recommendation will be presented to Service Excellence Team and Vice Presidents for review

Description of Award

  • Department will be selected annually for recognition at Annual Service Awards Celebration in May  
  • Department will receive a Service Excellence trophy, which will be rotated each year to the successful nominee
  • Department will receive a Service Excellence plaque which will remain in the department
  • Each department member will receive a $10 gift card to the Rice Family Bookstore

Nomination Instructions

The nomination process for 2011-12 is now closed. Nominations are accepted each year in the Spring. An announcement will be made at that time.