Q & A about the Staff Advisory Committee

What is the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC)?

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) is designed to enhance communication between employees and the administration of Rollins College.  Committee members serve in an advisory capacity to the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources and Risk Management by reviewing and making recommendations on selected personnel policies and procedures.  Members also provide input regarding the development of certain types of programs and serve as a source of thoughts, ideas, and opinions from the staff body of the college.

How are members chosen?

In the spring, members are nominated from across campus to fill new positions in SAC. Members typically serve a 3 year term, and represent the many areas of the college. Late in the spring a ballot is sent to the campus community, allowing staff members to vote for their preferred candidates. Candidates are then selected based upon the voting process, ensuring that the committee has representation from the major sections of our campus.

How can others become involved in the committee?

Any staff member with concerns, suggestions or questions is encouraged to seek out one of the SAC members. For a list of the current members, click here. The committee member will then bring the idea to the next meeting for discussion. Committee members then provide updates about SAC proceedings to their areas at the college.

Also, SAC@rollins.edu is an e-mail address that provides communication to all current SAC members. Rollins staff members are encouraged to utilize this e-mail address to propose meeting topics to the group.

The committee also uses other forms of communication to provide updates about new policies or changes at the college, including campus wide e-mails, and the R-Net. Additionally, SAC meeting minutes are posted on the SAC website.

Contact the Staff Advisory Comittee at SAC@rollins.edu