Student Title IX Online Courses

Rollins Students

Students on-campus will need to complete the following online courses:

  • Learning Module: Sexual Assault Prevention
    • Course: SH-101-H Lasting Choices: Protecting Our Campus From Sexual Assault
    • Description: What are the best ways to protect yourself, your friends, and your community from sexual assault?
  • Learning Module: Harassment/Respect Among Peers
    • Course: SH-110-H Show Some Respect! Prevent Harassment (Higher Education)
    • Description: Covers common-sense ways to identify, prevent, and report harassing behavior.
  • Learning Module: Healthy Relationships & Dating Violence
    • Course: SH-120-H Healthy Relationships (Higher Education)
    • Description: Examines the basics of establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.
 To access these three (3) online courses, please follow the directions listed here.