Eligibility Information

Who is Eligible for Coverage? 

In general, you, your legal spouse, children through the end of the calendar year they reach the age of 26, or your certified domestic partner and their children are eligible to be covered.  Criteria and age requirements vary with the type of coverage.  For specific eligibility requirements, please see the information provided under the plan details in the ICUBA Benefits website.

For information and guidelines on domestic partner benefits see Domestic Partner Benefits Policy.

To enroll a domestic partner or partner's dependent children in benefits coverage, you must complete and sign the Rollins College Affidavit of Domestic Partnership and the Declaration of Tax Dependent Status, and submit these forms to the Human Resources Department.  Anyone with a current domestic partner for which an affidavit has been signed does not need a new affidavit.  However, a new Declaration of Tax Dependent Status is required every calendar year.

You may use the online enrollment process to elect or change domestic partner benefits. However, you must be sure the Human Resources Department has the Domestic Partner Affidavit on file and the proper Tax Declaration forms.  Please make an appointment with Jennifer Addleman if you have questions. 

When coverage becomes effective?

If you enroll or make changes during the open enrollment period from February 9 - February 20, 2015, your coverage elections will become effective April 1, 2015.  New coverage or voluntary life insurance over the guaranteed issue and long term care insurance will become effective upon approval from the insurance carrier.

Coverage for dependents will begin on the same day your coverage begins.  However, if you are not actively working or a dependent is confined for medical care or treatment on that date, coverage for you will be delayed until you return to work and coverage for your dependents will be delayed until they are discharged.

Changing coverage during the year?

The next opportunity you have to change your level of coverage is during the next year's open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying family status change during the year.  Qualifying family status changes include:

  • marriage or divorce
  • birth, adoption, or death
  • beginning or ending of spouse employment
  • loss of other health coverage
  • change from full-time to part time employment for you or your spouse
  • change in coverage under other employer's cafeteria plan or qualified benefits plan
Should you experience a family status change throughout the year, you have thirty days (30) to make changes to your benefits and provide documentation regarding your status change.  Please see Changing Coverage During the Year or contact Human Resources for further information.

Premium Payments?

Your contributions for health, dental, flexible spending accounts (HCSA and DCSA), and vision care will be withheld from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis.  This means that the amount you pay toward your coverage is deducted from your paycheck before taxes are withheld.  Pre-tax contributions lower the amount of pay on which you are taxed, thus the tax savings can help to offset the cost of your benefits.  If you are interested in electing these benefits on an after-tax basis, please notify Human Resources.  Long Term Care insurance and Voluntary Life insurance are only offered on an after-tax basis.  The domestic partner portion of premiums and the employer paid portion for domestic partner are taxable unless the individual qualifies as a tax dependent of the employee in accordance with IRC Section 152.

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