Summer Flexible Scheduling Guidelines

Summer 2012


These guidelines are intended to provide a framework to assist supervisors and staff in implementing a summer flexible work scheduling arrangements. These guidelines are in no way intended to entitle any staff member of the College to a modified work schedule. Departments should consider all requests for flexible work schedules within the context of their operational and service delivery needs before a schedule can be instituted.  Any schedule changes must be approved by the department head.



All regular exempt and non-exempt staff are eligible to make a request for a flexible summer schedule under these guidelines.



Compressed Work Week: a full-time work schedule (37.5 hours) compressed into fewer than five full work days, e.g. four days or four and one half days with either a Friday or Monday off.

Summer Reduction: Reduces the employee's appointment and corresponding work hours during summer months when the work load is less demanding. (Note: A reduction in work hours will result in a corresponding reduction in pay)



  • The College’s normal business hours of Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

  • Summer is defined beginning the week after Arts and Science Graduation and ending the week before Freshman Orientation in August. Hamilton Holt and Crummer Graduate School will determine their schedule based on their class schedules.

  • A department wishing to implement a summer flexible scheduling program will consult with the appropriate Dean or Vice President to determine if it is operationally practicable to implement, taking into account the nature of the work, hours of departmental operation, staffing, service delivery requirements, and other relevant factors.

  • Federal regulations require the College to maintain records of actual hours worked per day for all non-exempt employees. Accordingly, employees working under flexible scheduling arrangements must report their work time as it is actually worked. For example, a full-time employee working a compressed schedule of 4 days must report their actual hours worked per each of the 4 days worked.

  • Federal regulations require that non-exempt staff be paid overtime at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate for all hours worked beyond 40 per week. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that flexible scheduling arrangements from week to week do not increase the College's overtime liability.

  • It is to be noted that these guidelines are in no way intended to supersede or abridge the College's right to assign and schedule staff in accordance with operational needs and requirements. The College may at times need to unilaterally modify work schedules in order to meet changing operational requirements.