David Zajchowski Receives "You Are Remarkable" Award

President Lewis Duncan & David Zajchowski

The Staff Advisory Committee is proud to announce the April 2012 winner of the "You Are Remarkable" Award!  David Zajchowski, Human Resources Manager, was presented with a “You Are Remarkable” certificate, signed by President Duncan, and $50 on his R-Card.

Reason for Nomination:

David consistently strives to create new ways for the department to function more efficiently, and to provide superior service to our customers. He has a contagious positive attitude and energy that flows on to others in the department.  David is always searching for innovative ways for our department to function more efficiently, he has recently created an HR & Payroll Facebook and Twitter account (not to mention his recent success with our HR website). He is currently adding all of the department's important information/notifications onto these websites in an effort to provide improved communication to the entire campus and bridge the gap between departments. Communication is a vital ingredient for the success of an organization; people like to be "in the know" and will take more of an initiative to achieve organizational success if they feel that they are a part of the big picture. Not only are these tools helpful for our employees, it helps us as a department work more efficiently and provide better service to our customers. It is awesome to have David's skill in our department to keep up with today's trend of effective communication.


About the "You Are Remarkable" Award:

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) is dedicated to recognizing the great staff members at Rollins through the "You Are Remarkable" award program.


Rollins Staff Members may be nominated for the "You Are Remarkable" award at any time throughout the year. Three awards per semester (Fall & Spring) will be given, totaling six awards per academic year. The Remarkable Awards Committee will review nominations each month to select a winner. Once nominated, a staff member will remain in the pool for consideration throughout that academic year. Also, all nominated staff-members will receive recognition, regardless of winning the official award.


Here are examples of what the Remarkable Award Committee will be looking for when selecting award recipients:

  • Effort was "above and beyond" job responsibilities
  • Demonstrated “extraordinary” leadership skills
  • Undertaking resulted in the achievement of a special goal or project – outside the scope of work
  • Inspired others to do their best; offered techniques, and time and energy to assist others with no strings attached (or expecting to receive recognition)
  • Contributed exceptionally to a team-oriented community project
  • Reacted positively to an urgent situation


Be sure to nominate one of your colleagues today because ALL nominees are recognized monthly! It’s simple, just click here!