Staff Honored at Annual Staff Awards Celebration

May 29. 2012

2012 Staff Awards Celebration


The Rollins staff celebrated the conclusion of the 2011-12 academic year at the Annual Staff Awards Celebration on May 25.  Designed to honor the many accomplishments and career milestones of employees, the event brought over 400 colleagues together in Alfond Sports Center’s McKean Gym for a luncheon and awards ceremony.  President Lewis Duncan and Director of Human Resources Matt Hawks led those gathered in recognizing retired employees, recent staff graduates and acknowledging staff celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of employment at the College.  


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11-12 Retirees

  • Mike Bourbonnais - Facility & Equipment Assistant, P.E. & Athletics (retiring in June after 39 1/2 years of service)
  • Naomi Harrison - Librarian, Olin Library (retired in July 2011 after 19 years of service)
  • Pat Grall - Circulation Specialist, Olin Library  (retiring in June after 18 years of service)
  • Carol Dacre - Operations Coordinator, Office of the President (retiring in August after 17 years of service,)
  • Wendy DiGerlando - Secretary, Hamilton Holt School (retiring in June after 11 years of service)
  • Emily Higgins Property Accountant, Property Management (retired in September 2011 after 10 years of service)

25 yr. Service Awards

  • Alice Argeros, Crummer Graduate School

20 yr. Service Awards

  • Marc Bedsole, P.E. & Athletics
  • Suzie Robertshaw, TPJ Student Resource Center
  • Ana Rodriguez, Biology
15 yr. Service Awards
  • Teresa Cole, Hamilton Holt School
  • Dr. Karen Hater, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Geraldine Neizil, Housekeeping
  • Judy Wolbert, P.E. & Athletics

10 yr. Service Awards

  • Ron Bohrnstedt, P.E. & Athletics
  • Laura Coar, Grounds
  • Maria Culla, Housekeeping
  • Paul Giannotti, P.E. & Athletics
  • Kathryn Hickman, Biology
  • Bill Hobbs, Information Technology
  • Marguerite Jacobs, Student Financial Planning
  • Ginny Justice, Advancement Services
  • Vicki Long, Psychology
  • Jason Morin, Maintenance
  • Pennie Parker, P.E. & Athletics
  • Laura Salmen, Office of the Provost
  • Ian Walters, Information Technology
  • Teresa Williams, Finance
  • David Zajchowski, Human Resources
  • Gjenovefa Zendeli, Housekeeping

5 yr. Service Awards

  • Jen Atwell, Business Services
  • James Bell, Maintenance
  • Sara Bello, Housekeeping
  • Luis Bodon, Housekeeping
  • Robert Burrows, Housekeeping
  • Amanda Callaham, Grounds
  • Lauren Cushman, Annie Russell Theatre
  • Evelyn DeMello, Psychology
  • Paul Gindlesperger, Olin Library
  • Meghan Harte, Office of Student Success
  • Susan Haugen, Crummer Graduate School
  • Leon Hayner, Residential Life
  • Meredith Hein, Community Engagement
  • Larry Henderson, Maintenance
  • Sara Hernandez, Housekeeping
  • Allisa Johnson, Internship Programs
  • Laurie Joyner, VP for Planning & Dean of the College
  • Jerrid Kalakay, Office of Student Success
  • John Knopick, Information Technology
  • Sherry Lewis, Communication
  • Zeke Lopez, Campus Safety
  • Dawn Nagy, Crummer Graduate School
  • Luis Orbegoso, Housekeeping
  • Sherry Orr, Music
  • Juan Ortiz, Maintenance
  • Ali Paredes, Prospect Research
  • Tonya Parker, Hamilton Holt School
  • Kim Petersen, International Business
  • James Pigmon, Hamilton Holt School
  • Daphne Olsen, Admissions
  • Chris Rider, Maintenance
  • Gail Ridgeway, Disability Services
  • Marilyn Rivera, Housekeeping
  • Ramon Robledo, Housekeeping
  • Tim Russell, Information Technology
  • Eric Scalamonti, Crummer Graduate School
  • Carolyn Schulke, Admissions
  • Dennis Short, P.E. & Athletics
  • Raymond Spence, Maintenance
  • Janet Walker, Office of the Bursar
  • Cori Walter, Pre-Collegiate Programs
  • Dawn Wharram, International programs
  • Glenn Whelan, Information Technology
  • Diane Yurcisin, Student Health Services

Received Bachelor or Master Degrees During the 11-12 Academic Year

  • Jen Atwell – BA, Organizational Communication
  • Lauren Cushman – MBA, Masters in Business Administration
  • Leon Hayner – MBA, Masters in Business Administration
  • Ann Ketteringham – MPCU, Urban Planning
  • Woods King – MPCU, Urban Planning
  • Cheryl Mall – MPCU, Urban Planning
  • Robin Mateo – MBA, Masters in Business Administration
  • Daphne Olsen – MLS, Liberal Studies
  • Melanie Osborn – MLS, Liberal Studies
  • Norah Perez – MHR, Human Resource Management
  • Laura Pfister – BA, Organizational Communication
  • Brad Plajstek – MBA, Masters in Business Administration
  • Tim Russell – MPCU, Urban Planning
  • Becky Stone – MA, Counseling
  • Ann Marie Varga – MHR, Human Resource Management
  • Diane Yurcisin – BA, Psychology

Following recognition of our service awardees and graduates, the recipients of  the Helen A. Ward Crossley Distinguished Service Award, the Thaddeus Seymour Staff Award for Community Engagement, the President's Award for Diversity and Inclusion and the Service Excellence Department Award were announced by President Duncan.


Lorrie Kyle, Executive Assistant to the President, was named the recipient of the Helen A. Ward Crossley Distinguished Service Award for Staff.  This award was established in 1999 as a means of recognizing Rollins staff members for their outstanding service and dedication to the College.  Some of the comments received by this year’s selection committee included, “She is completely devoted to Rollins. She is very smart and has a monumental memory. At the same time, she is humble and self-effacing, happy to give the limelight to others. She has always been involved with student organizations and provides a willing ear for problems and issues arising in any area.  Her advice is always sound and she never spreads confidential information. Rollins would not function as well as it does without her invisible hand on virtually everything.”


Pam Woodley, Leadership Counselor, Center for Leadership Development for Crummer Graduate School of Business, was awarded the Thaddeus Seymour Award for Community Engagement.  Established in 2006 as a means of recognizing Rollins staff members for sustainable and demonstrated service in local and global communities, the award is granted annually to a staff member who has transformed the community through community engagement.  Pam has dedicated herself to helping an underserved community in Orlando.  Growing up in Orlando, she follows in the footsteps of her mother who was an activist in the 60’s and 70’s and who joined the lawsuit to desegregate Orange County Public Schools in 1962 and established the Callahan Neighborhood Association in 1973.  One nomination said of her, “She tends to keep her commitment and dedication ‘out of the radar’ but the contributions she makes are definitely impactful to those in the Callahan community.”  Pam’s work exemplifies a holistic approach to addressing greater community problems and making an impact in your own backyard.

Jonathan F. Walz, Curator and Interim Director Cornell Fine Arts Museum, was honored with the President’s Award for Diversity and Inclusion, which was  established in 2010 as a means of recognizing and honoring students, faculty and staff for their efforts aimed at promoting diversity awareness, representation and inclusion within the Rollins workplace and student community.  Jonathan’s work and service testify to his commitment to create a more inclusive and tolerant world. Through his efforts, he has not only succeeded in improving the environment for individuals from underrepresented groups on campus but he has also educated and brought awareness to the campus community on a wide variety of diversity issues.  One of his staff members said of him “I truly feel his constant efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, not only in his professional life, but in his personal life as well, deserves to be recognized. I can truly say that working with him has changed how I see the world and opened up my life.”

Finally, the Human Resources Department was recognized as this year’s recipient of the Departmental Award for Service Excellence.  This award recognizes a department that consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence in teamwork and collaboration with other groups/departments, and has proven its willingness to assist others in the Rollins College community responsively, respectfully, collaboratively, and competently.  Some of the comments received by this year’s selection committee included  “Throughout my 23 years of employment at Rollins, whenever the need arose to call upon HR for any number of things, they have always conducted themselves professionally and efficiently. I have found each member of HR to be approachable, helpful, and friendly. I have nothing but good to say about each person who works there now, and those who have worked for HR in the past.  Any and all interactions with any member of this department result in positive, learning, respectful and plain good old fashion Hospitality. The HR department genuinely cares for its employees, its Managers and specifically the processes that we use daily to carry and support our business. I wish to thank everyone in this department for their care and attention to details that as a Manager, helps me do my job and perform my role so much better.”