Student Worker Forms Packet

All Student hires must complete one of each of the following forms and turn them into the Human Resource Department prior to starting work on the campus.  The Rollins College forms are available in both Microsoft Word format and in Adobe Acrobat format for offices that do not have Microsoft Word on their PCs or that have McIntosh computers.  The Adobe Acrobat reader is required to open and download those forms and may be obtained for free from the Adobe website.  The W-4 and I-9 are not available in Word format but are available in the Human Resource Office.

Student Employment Application Form (MS Word)
Student Personal Information and Personnel Action Form (PDF)
Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)
Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate Form W-4 (PDF)
Employee's Worker's Compensation Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
Direct Deposit Form (PDF)
Options for Receiving Pay (MS Word)
Cash Pay Manual (HTML)
Biweekly Pay Schedule for 2010/2011 (PDF)
Instructions for Completing Form (I-9) - Handbook for Employers (PDF)

If you have any questions or experience any problems with downloading any of theses forms please contact Human Resources at extension 2003/2369.