What's currently blooming!

Check the "What's currently blooming!" page often to see what is flowering at the greenhouse or better yet, come visit the greenhouse in person and see for yourself!  With so many different kinds of plants that produce colorful and unusual flowers there should be something that will delight you.

Florida's Native Wildflowers!

Florida has an abundance of easy to grow native wildflowers such as the Partridge Pea, Chamaecrista fasciculata. Not only will the flowers attract adult butterflies, but it’s a host plant to several species of butterflies that will lay their eggs on them.

Cattleya Orchid

One of the most beautiful of all the orchid flowers, the Cattleya is the flower that is used in most traditional corsages.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose plants, Adenium obesum, are popular because of their beautiful flowers and swollen trunks. Three tips when growing them are don't over water, give them full sun, and protect them from winter cold.

Amazon Lily

The Amazon Lily, Eucharis grandiflora, is one of the few plants that will flower in an indoor environment.  The large, fragrant white flowers and shiny large leaves make it a very attractive plant.