Rollins Launches New Viral Advertising Campaign

I4 billboard supporting new Rollins College advertising campaign.

Every aspect of a Rollins education encourages greater connections to people, ideas, and community. Rollins student Konrad Antczak ’11, who is pictured in the College’s new advertising campaign materials, shares, “Just by stepping on the Rollins campus your world expands.” Connections like Konrad’s will form the basis for the campaign, themed “A Rollins Education. Greater Connections.” The campaign gets its origin from real-life examples of students, faculty, and others who have experienced the power of greater connections through their own unique Rollins experience. Beginning on June 9, you too can be part of this new campaign that will be promoted through print, TV, radio, and outdoor advertising.

   How to get involved...

#1 Look for the billboard beginning June 9th.
#2 Listen to nonprofit radio station WMFE, or watch WMFE TV for our Greater Connections sponsorship message. 
#3 Share your Greater Connections with us using the form on the right of this page.
#4 See who's made Greater Connections.

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