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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a college degree.  Can I still enroll in the certificate program? 
A college degree is not required to earn a Rollins College Graphic Design Certificate, however, if you do not have a 4-year degree we require a minimum of the equivalent 4 years of professional work experience, not necessarily in any field.  This is in place to ensure our graduates are qualified for employment after earning the certificate and are prepared for the challenging education at Rollins College.

I'm not very technical; can I handle the graphic design program? 
The purpose of the certificate is to allow you to familiarize yourself with all practical aspects of graphic design, and obtain some insider knowledge in the process. Mac or PC users, graphic designers, programmers, casual users alike will complete the certificate with a clear understanding of graphic design software and techniques.  All you need is a working knowledge of computers and the internet.

I've been doing graphic design for several years. Will I gain much from this certificate program? 
This depends on what kind of training you've already had in graphic design. Knowing how to use the latest versions of Adobe software like Photoshop and InDesign to produce professional designs and products, will set you apart from the rest of the graphic design industry. We invite you to take a look at the course details and if you see skill sets or topics you are not familiar with, then chances are the graphic design certificate will add to your current career resume.

I still have additional questions. Does Rollins College have advisors for the Graphic Design Certificate that I can speak with?  
Yes, please contact us at 407.915.3698 and our Program Advisor will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

About Graphic Design Class Scheduling

I have a full-time job - can I fit this certificate program into my schedule? 
This certificate program was designed for working professionals. Courses are offered in flexible formats to fit your busy schedule. The 9-month Graphic Design Certificate cohort is offered multiple times throughout the year.

About the Coursework & Materials

Do students choose their own graphic design project for the capstone course? 
Yes. Some students choose to work on a portfolio piece for their own services. Others create marketing pieces for a fictional or real organization.

Will I receive grades in each class? Are there any exams? 
Students do not receive grades for individual courses; however online exams are administered for each core course. Students enrolled in the graphic design certificate program must achieve at least a 70% on these exams and maintain a 75% overall in order to pass the course

What if I don’t pass the exams? 
Each student is allowed two attempts to pass an exam. Successful completion of the Graphic Design Certificate Program is based on the successful completion of the exam as well as an evaluation of your class participation, homework and final project in the capstone course. 

What is the minimum software that I need to have in order to complete this certificate? 
During the certificate program, you will be working on a real-world graphic design project that will require use of the Adobe Creative Suite. You are required to purchase this software for use during and after the program.

There are no refunds for certificate programs. Participants may transfer to a future program (within one year of your original program), with no penalty, with program advisor approval. Transfers are limited to one occurrence.

Upcoming Certificate Dates
March 2 – November 2, 2015
Tuition: $4,995
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