Senior Class Gift 2012

Senior Class Gift  

Honor Roll

Katie Ackley
Cory Baden
Kelsey Beaumont
Ana Bernal Gomez
Mael Bibi
Chad Boston
Lauren Bourdon
Emma Broming
Amanda Brooks
Catharine Brown
Jaclynn Burleigh
Jaclynn Burleigh
Christopher Bush
Ruth Chan
Travis Clinger
Jenifer Collins
Morgan Conroy
Phoebe Corder
Mary Danowitz
Danielle Davis
Fatehbir Dhaliwal
Michelle Dillingham
Sarah Edlen
Kory Eylmann
Tim Fallon
Ashley Franklin
Danielle Gal
Robert Gentile
Kasey Geremia
Alexandra Gillam
Julie Gorman
George Graham
Kyle Hackel
Jonas Harper
Rachel Hessling
Emily Higgins
Kristina Howansky
Chanel Jackson Kia Jackson
Christian Kebbel
Annabelle Kempster
Jennifer Killingsworth-Baker
Perrin Kirby
Paul Koch
Antea Kubicek
Denise Lee
Ashley Light
Roxanne Lo
Sarah Lugo Rudner
Elizabeth Lydon
Grace MacLean
Sarah Maisano
Helene Marcantonio
Elizabeth Mess
Kiersten Miller
Stephanie Mishler
Kristina Moncrieffe
Elyce Murillo
Emily Nickoloff
Sebastian Novak
Alexis Obernauer
Adrien O'Brien
Kjersti O'Connell
Alexandra Paradysz
Scott Paskerian
Monica Pettit
Aubrey Phillips
Emma Plouffe
Markiyan Rudnitsky
Kasey Sandifer
Weston Scheffler
Ramona Snowden
Alexandra Sol
Jennifer Stull
Kristen Thomas
Tracy Tucci
Tina Udhwani
Janice Van Dyk
Katherine Van Sickle
John Vasone
Kelsea Hemings
Ashley Toth
Ashley Franklin
Christine Henderson
Annalyse Myers
Kelsey Murtha
Kevin White
James Yates
Ashley Waplinger
Martin Lustgarten
Alyssa Cappella
Caroline Blumberg
Martha Watts
Christopher Bush
Livia Mandoul
Yarissa Matos-Soto
Shannon Lynch
Billy Kennedy
Andrew Wells
Danielle Guimaraes
Christian Bromley
Nattakun Charoenkul
Skye De Los Angeles Anico
Ian Wallace
Leo Nocera
Julia Tamaccio
Mikita Nayee
Hannah Grantz
Hope Forconi
Jessica Aubrey
Martin Jacobs
Natascha Vazquez
Mark Danielson
Victoria Doyle
Steven Vitale

CLASS of 2012! What do YOU love about Rollins?

The classes? The campus? The athletics? Fox Day?

Don’t you want others to experience that too? You are students now, but alumni forever!

That’s where the Senior Class Gift President's Challenge comes in!

What is it?
The annual Senior Class Giving Campaign is a student-led campaign to raise money for Rollins.  This tradition unites seniors to give back to Rollins in support of undergraduate education and commemorates our years at Rollins.  More than just a one-time event, it’s a commitment that begins a lifetime of involvement with Rollins – the first step in the transition from students to alumni.

Where does it go?
This year, the senior class donations will go directly into The Rollins Fund, supporting the Colleges areas of highest needs, or you can designate your gift to an area of impact that is meaningful to you. Gifts help provide financial aid to current and future students, fund student activities, support faculty, and improve life on campus.  You can see the list of giving options by clicking the “Make a Gift” link below.

Why should I give?

Your gift will immediately and directly benefit current and future students.  We are supporting Rollins students; just as generations of alumni, parents, friends, and students have done for our class.
We are asking each senior to donate $20.12 to commemorate our graduation year.  But every gift--no matter what size--is important to the Senior Class Campaign.

I’m convinced! How do I give?

♦ Have extra TAR BUC$? Come by the Comstock building, Office of Development (see map on left) OR check this site or your email for events hosted by Office of Development.

♦Cash or Check? Make it payable to the Rollins Fund and make sure to enclose a note specifying an area of impact. You can see a list of giving options by clicking on the "Make a Gift" link below.

♦Online donation? Click on the link below.

 Make a Gift

Give Now

Need more info? Contact:
Nichole Schlund
Alumni Relations, Rollins College
1000 Holt Ave. - 2736
Winter Park, FL 32789
T. 407.646.2609
F. 407.646.1556