Every year on Fox Day, the Fox makes a proclamation. Here, you'll find the proclamations declared from 1963 to 1969, under President McKean.


May 2, 1963

WHEREAS, the auguries and the winds foretell that May the second will be a day of sunlight and beauty;

AND WHEREAS, the students of Rollins College have covenanted with me that on the next Fox Day, even though they may disperse, they will reassemble in Rollins' magnificent Chapel, a building of great beauty designed by the world-renowned Ralph Adams Cram, and given to Rollins College by Frances Knowles Warren; More...


May 6, 1964

WHEREAS, the tradewinds now add softness to the nights and freshness to the days; and phlox, that glorious flower of May, is ablaze in the Parsonage garden; and mocking birds are adding special magic to it all; and

WHEREAS, the time has come to put the College back on the track, it having been diverted by studies, tests, assignments, and other irritating measures devised by faculties throughout the years to drain the joy from college life; More...


May 11, 1965

WHEREAS, Rollins' fame and fortune have been extended this year in many ways, to wit:
- By winning national reknown in the Dad Vail Regatta,
- By winning the State championship in golf,
- By placing second in the Florida Intercollegiate Conference in tennis,
- And by making impressive records in baseball and other sports;
all of which give further evidence of the skill, vigor, and will to win of
Rollins' athletes;

AND, through the award of a Fulbright Fellowship to Irvin Stock, thereby adding new distinction to the English Department;

AND, by the fact that Rhea Smith's new book, Spain: A New History, is soon to be published by the University of Michigan Press;

AND, by a magnificent grant from A.G. Bush which will bring a new Science Center to Rollins' campus (and which followed closely the establishment of a graduate School of Finance and Business Administration by Roy E. Crummer last spring - both being men of character and vision); More...


May 18, 1966

TO THE members of our victorious Baseball, Tennis and Golf teams, who have made this spring one long to be remembered because of their many triumphs, greetings;

AND TO the members of the Crews, the Soccer and Basketball teams, who have brought renown to the College throughout the year, greetings;

AND TO all others, who in so many ways - some conspicuous, some unnoticed - have added to the prestige of the College this year, greetings; More...


May 18, 1967

WHEREAS, Florida's skies are blue and filled with winds and clouds, and spring is here, a time when chuck-wills' widows call their name at night for reasons known alone to them, but good, no doubt, and jasmine stars give fragrant beauty to the evening air, and

WHEREAS, Charles DuBois has added new and useful beauty to the campus, and the Enyart-Alumni Field House will soon follow, a symbol of the loyalty of Rollins sons and daughters, and

WHEREAS, A science center will soon rise on Rollins campus honoring Archibald Granville Bush, a man of great integrity, and vision, who embodied those ideals which build fine men and nations, and which alone will fortify this country against its enemies, and will protect it from the erosion of indifference to ancient values, and who was loved by one as fine as he; More...


May 14, 1968

WHEREAS, the mockingbirds are singing in the night, and jasmine stars are falling in our gardens, and dogwood blossoms in the woods, and mallard ducks are trailing soft flotillas, and the oak trees are green - green - green, and spring is here;

AND WHEREAS, Rollins' teams have gloriously humbled their neighbor to the north - the wearer of the green and white - in soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf - a splendid lot but less in stamina and skills than Rollins' stalwarts who have so gladdened the spirits of the college and the Fox this year; More...


May 13, 1969

WHEREAS, the clouds are high, and the air is soft, and turtles are lumbering out of the lakes for a high purpose, and fireflies are darting tender messages on the blackboard of .the night to glow worms below, and elderberry blossoms are adding lacy elegance to the woods, and the ducks are gone except our Florida mallards, and spring has come to this great state, and

WHEREAS, our soccer, golf, tennis, basketball and baseball teams and our crew have made this a year of glory, and to be remembered, and

WHEREAS, Rollins is the kind of college which can gather in this way for gentle pleasure; More...

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