Fox Day

Fox Day Cam
Think of Fox Day Cam as a video vigil for Rollins College’s most beloved tradition. The camera offers 24-hour surveillance of Tars Plaza where the arrival of the fox statue signals the start of Fox Day each spring. In years past, it's also served as a stage for students to express their Fox Day fervor in some rather original ways. What will Fox Day Cam capture this year? Stay tuned.

Today is...NOT Fox Day.

Bummer, we know. It sure would be a lot cooler if it was. Don’t worry, though, Fox Day will be here before you know it. Meantime, we’ve put together some foxy diversions to help you get your Fox Day fix and forget for a second that you should probably be writing a paper or studying for an exam right now.

Fox Spotting

Ever wonder what the Fox does on the 364 days a year that aren’t Fox Day? Sure, he gets trotted out for special events like convocation and commencement, but what does he do with his downtime? After all, we know he’s not content to simply gather dust in some dark corner of the president’s closet. Have you seen the fox?

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Past Fox Days

  • 2014
    Thursday, April 10
  • 2009
    Tuesday, April 7
  • 2013
    Tuesday, April 2
  • 2008
    Tuesday, April 8
  • 2012
    Thursday, March 29
  • 2007
    Wednesday, April 11
  • 2011
    Wednesday, April 6
  • 2006
    Tuesday, April 11
  • 2010
    Thursday, April 8
  • 2005
    Tuesday, April 12

What is Fox Day?

Our most beloved Tradition.

Fox Day is an annual tradition established by Rollins’ 10th president, Hugh McKean, in 1956. Each spring, on a day deemed “too pretty to have class,” the president cancels all classes for the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Professional Studies, providing undergraduate students with a surprise day off.

A statue of the Rollins fox is placed on Tars Plaza by the president early in the morning. The Chapel bell rings to alert students of the special occasion while the president hands out Fox Day proclamations and donuts to students who line up outside his office. A free pancake breakfast is offered in the morning, fun activities are planned throughout the day, and a family-style picnic is laid out on the Green, free for everyone in the Rollins community.

No one knows exactly when Fox Day will happen each year. But students are known to camp out on The Green eagerly awaiting the fox’s arrival during the weeks leading up to the highly anticipated day.

Fox Day 2014

Get ready for Fox Day 2015 by reliving all the excitement of Fox Day 2014.

Fox Day 2014 Photos & Video

Every Fox Day is filled with food, fun, and festivities. Check back soon to find out what Fox Day 2015 has in store.