Other Scholarships

Learn more about other Rollins scholarships as well as private/outside scholarships that are available from businesses, clubs, organizations, and employers.

Private/Outside Scholarships

Private/outside scholarships are available from businesses, clubs, organizations and employers. Many Rollins students receive outside scholarships in addition to other types of federal, state, and Rollins financial aid. Students generally seek these scholarships on their own through a variety of avenues. Two good sources for these scholarships are fastweb.com and cappex.com/scholarships.

Check back often as scholarships are added periodically from organizations who contact Rollins directly. We will also conduct an internal search and notify students who appear to meet the minimum requirements for these scholarships. For specific questions on these scholarships, please contact the organization listed on the application or website.

Veterans, please visit http://scholarships.fastweb.com/a-veterans for a list of veteran specific scholarships. In addition, the Veterans Helping Veterans Scholarship information is located at https://www.hillandponton.com/veterans-scholarship/.

Rollins Bonner Leaders

A four-year, cohort-based community service opportunity, the Rollins College Bonner Leaders Program provides scholarships to incoming students who are passionate about working directly with local non-profit organizations throughout the academic year. Designed for full-time undergraduate students in the Rollins College of Liberal Arts, the Bonner Leaders Program empowers recipients to address some of the greatest challenges of our time through community-based learning and service.

How It Works
Bonner Leaders:

  • Serve 6-8 hours per week within the community
  • Participate in a training and enrichment program to supplement their knowledge and skills

Are dedicated to six common areas:

  • Social justice
  • Diversity
  • Community building
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Civic engagement
  • International perspective

Each Bonner Leader receives a $3,000 annual scholarship through their participation in the program. Please visit the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement for additional information.

New Outside Scholarship!

Education Dynamics -- $1,000 scholarship is available for veterans, active duty, and, uniquely, spouses of veterans. The only other requirements are a) a brief essay and b) that the applicant is a legal resident of the US, are currently enrolled in a college, university, or trade school (or will be starting by Fall, 2018).  Visit https://www.elearners.com/scholarships/military-scholarships/ for more information.

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