Student Loan Code of Conduct

The Federal Government offers two separate processing methods for its Federal Stafford and PLUS Loan programs. These methods are:

  • Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL) – Federal Stafford and PLUS loans are processed using the services of external lending institutions.
  • William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (DL) – Federal Stafford and PLUS loans are processed through colleges using no external lending institutions.

Rollins participates in the DL program. Rollins made this decision in 1995 to provide a better loan process for students. Rollins’ students benefit through a simpler application and repayment process.  Since there is only one point of contact for all loan processing, much of the confusion caused by using external lenders is elminated. Students can also be assured of an unbiased loan process since it is not impacted by a multitude of private lending entities.

The FFEL program has suffered a certain amount of criticism at a few institutions. Participation in the FFEL program involves partnership with very large, powerful, and profitable corporations. These corporations have an interest in securing a high number of referrals through financial aid offices. To this end, lenders make attempts to be included at the top of schools’ preferred lender lists. Lending institutions have been accused of offering improper financial inducements to be included at the top of the list. At Rollins, a list of lenders is unnecessary since we process directly with the federal government through the DL program. We do not prioritize private lenders on a list since we do not use private lenders in the federal loan process.

Students may secure loans outside of the Federal Stafford Loan program. These loans are known as alternative loans.  At Rollins, a percentage of students do find an alternative loan necessary to meet the cost of attendance.  In the processing of these loans, students will request that the financial aid office certify their eligibility with the lender the student has chosen.  The selection of the best terms of each loan will be the sole responsibility of the student or family based on their unique financial circumstances.

At Rollins we will not:

  • Accept payment from any outside entity in exchange for loan referrals or preferential treatment
  • Accept services from any outside entity in exchange for referrals or preferential treatment
  • Accept travel reimbursement from any outside entity in exchange for referrals or preferential treatment
  • Accept appointments on advisory committees or boards of any entity involved in the processing of alternative student loans

Rollins College chose to be a participant in the Direct Loan program many years ago because we believed it to be the most unbiased, simple, and efficient method of conducting the federal loan process.  The primary goal of the federal loan program should be to provide access to a quality education regardless of financial circumstances.  Students should be the primary beneficiary of these taxpayer-funded loan programs.