Award Letter

Essential Next Steps

1. Review the Financial Aid You Have Been Offered

Please review your Award Notification along with detailed information on our Web site.

2. First-Time Loan Recipients Must Complete Loan Promissory Notes and Entrance Counseling

Beginning June 15th, complete a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling at

3. Notify the Financial Aid Office of Any Outside Scholarships Not Listed on Your Award Notification

4. Review Your Financing Options.

Use the worksheet on the back of your award letter to estimate your balance due as well as review your financing options.

5. Complete the Title IV Authorization Form located on your Foxlink account.

Rollins, in compliance with federal regulations, must obtain the voluntary permission from the student to apply Federal financial aid proceeds to pay charges related to a prior term, future term or charges other than tuition, fees, room and board on the student's account.

6. Sign up for Direct Deposit located on your Foxlink account

If you are eligible for a refund, one of the best ways to receive a refund is by setting up direct deposit. Any eligible funds are directly sent to your checking or savings account.

7. Monitor Your Rollins Email Account for Important Updates and Changes

E-mail is the official communication method at Rollins. This applies to all areas of the College, including changes to your financial aid award as well as your student bill.

8. Consider Setting Up an Authorized Payer

You may set up another person to also receive billing notification from Rollins along with our normal billing notice sent to your Rollins e-mail account. Most dependent students set up their parent and most independent, married students set up their spouse as an authorized payer. By doing so, the parent or spouse will receive the bill and can make a payment on behalf of the student. When you receive your bill, simply follow the attached instructions and log into QuikPay. One of the menu options will be "Authorized Payers."