Sustainable Practices




Waterless Urinals
Chemical Free Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Low Flow Shower Heads


Digital Direct Controls (DDC)
"Tri-Coils" for Outside Air Units
Occupancy Sensors
High Performance Glazing
Passive Heat Recovery
Water to Water Heat Pumps for Heat Recovery
District Cooling
Oversized Cooling Tower
High Efficiency Lighting
Open Cell Foam Thermal Insulation
Demand Control Ventilation
Modernization of Inefficient Equipment
Variable Frequency Drives
Bush Solar Project
Centralized Exterior Lighting Control


Recyclable Carpet Tiles
Recyclable Collection Point
Single Stream Recycling


Service Vehicles
Hybrid Vehicles
Reduction in Number of Vehicles

Maintenance Operations

Refrigerant Management
Green Chemicals

Grounds Operations

Sustainability Improvements and Best Practices