Recent Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients Bios

2006-2007 Recipients

Alison Schill

Alison Schill

As a student, Schill was active in the Pinehurst Organization, Voices for Women, and founded the Rollins Swing Club. She majored in Elementary Education and minored in German. She graduated summa cum laude with honors in her major after writing a thesis on the No Child Left Behind Act. Studying Education was crucial to her success as a Teaching Assistant in Germany. Her job consisted of developing curriculum and creating lesson plans, things she had prior experience with as a student at Rollins. After her year in Mainz, she got an MA in Health Education from Columbia University Teachers College. Directly after receiving her Masters, she began studying at Brooklyn Law School. She graduated in June 2012 with her JD and was recently hired by The Legal Aid Society, where she will represent those who cannot afford attorneys in criminal cases. Her work as an intern at Mount Sinai Hospital designing programs in pregnancy prevention, reintegration of trafficked women, and navigating the higher education process for high school students in the East Harlem area prepared her for this job. Though, she still recalls her Fulbright experience as the best year of her life.

Dr. Wendy Brandon stood out as an academic and personal mentor for Schill. Dr. Brandon read dozens of drafts of her honors thesis and was instrumental in helping in helping her determine her future academic and professional goals.  


2008-2009 Recipients

Kelly Rolfes- Haase

Kelly graduated summa cum laude with a major in Anthropology and a minor in German. She was heavily involved in extracurricular activities such as serving as the peer mentor for the intensive German RCC, a member of the Varsity Cross Country Team, a student coordinator for J.U.M.P., a student liaison for Rollins Committee on Environmental and Sustainability Issues, and working as an environmental intern for the Associated Colleges of the South. Kelly has an obvious passion for traveling. She participated in a field study to Peru in conjunction with an anthropology class and another with an Environmental Studies class about sustainable development in the Andes. She spent a semester abroad in Germany with the Rollins in Trier Program, which led to her applying for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in the country. For potential Fulbright scholars she recommends creativity and openness to new ways of life. The Fulbright experience changed and shaped her future goals. No longer wishing to go to graduate school for Anthropology, she is serving in Thailand as part of the Peace Corps. After her placement she wishes to study Public Policy.

Her most influential mentor at Rollins was Ann Francis. Francis works as the Administrative Assistant for Environmental Studies, serves on the Rollins Committee for Environmental and Sustainability Issues, heads the Rollins Recycling/Sustainability Program, and is the staff liaison for EcoRollins. She credits Francis with helping her find her purpose and place at Rollins, thus making it her second home.


2011-2012 Recipients

Jane Lombardi

Jane Lombardi

As a student Lombardi was a peer mentor, RA, and President of the Latin American Student Association. The latter position shows her passion for her majors in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Spanish. She graduated with honors in Spanish and Summa Cum Laude. She studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain for the fall 2010 semester. The year prior to being accepted to the English Teaching Assistantship Fulbright program in Mexico, she applied to Brazil. Though she speaks some Portuguese, she has no regrets because of her interest in the Mexican culture, connection to the people, and her passion for the country as a whole. She is teaching at the Universidad de Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico. She teaches university students studying Biology, Agronomy, and Veterinarian Sciences. For her academic project she is researching youth movements in Latin America, specifically Mexico, and the politically charged music that has stemmed from these movements. In her free time she is preparing for graduate studies. She plans to pursue a PhD in Hispanic Literature to become a Spanish Professor. Her work as a Spanish tutor for three years in Rollins Student Resource Center and volunteering with Project Bridge, a community service program that aims to improve Rollins staff members’ English skills has invariably prepared her for her current and future endeavors.

Dr. Barreneche, her advisor, was the most influential mentor she had here. As her RCC professor he was the first faculty member she met. He is the one who most encouraged Lombardi to apply for the Fulbright grant.