Creating Sustainable Business Practices


What you will gain:


  • Review of business implications of critical global trends

  • Field experience of a leading company

  • Sustainable Sourcing Practioner's Guide

  • Learning and networking with like-minded professionals

  • Overview of best-practice resources and tools to implement sustainable strategies throughout your organization and supply chain


Program Outline: 


The Why?

A strategic approach to sustainability requires a strong motivation. What prompts leading organizations to engage with and implement sustainable business practices? What’s in it for your organization? Why the time is NOW? Together we’ll explore:

  • Why sustainability matters.

  • Why business must act.

  • Why business must be proactive.

The What?

So what does it mean to be sustainable? It can be a daunting task to sift through all the jargon to know what practices are right for your organization. You will develop an understanding of:

  • Critical sustainability frameworks and tools

  • Product life-cycle considerations

  • Strategy implications for design, operations and sourcing

The How?

How are best-in-class organizations addressing the challenges of doing business in a resource-constrained world? What are the significant “Do’s and Don’ts” of sustainable business practice. A detailed look at the efforts of a leading company will shed light on your own organization’s efforts. We will:

  • Learn from a World-class organization

  • See sustainable sourcing in practice

  • Understand the stages on the sustainability journey

  • Explore methods for embedding sustainability in the corporate culture

  • Develop the business case for sustainability in your organization

What Now?

Converting new ideas into actions often depends on critical first steps. Using knowledge-brokering techniques, apply the collective learnings to the sustainability challenge facing your own organization.


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Create sustainable business practices to help improve your company's bottom line and it's carbon footprint.