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The Crummer Management Program – Mini-MBA™ provides a fast and comprehensive way to update your management skills. This 18-week program provides solid grounding in current business theory and practices that today's professionals need to succeed. You will leave the program with new information and business tools that can be applied immediately in your organization — no matter what your industry or organization size.

Through a mix of interactive discussions, readings, case studies, and problem-solving exercises, the Crummer Management Program – Mini-MBA™ offers a practical foundation in the relevant concepts of business management today — topics that form the core of Crummer's prestigious MBA curriculum. The Crummer Management Program – Mini-MBA™ provides you with the competitive edge you need for business success and the certificate of achievement from the graduate school of business, ranked by Forbes as #1 in Florida.

For over 22 years, the Crummer Management Program – Mini-MBA™ at Rollins College has shared the latest business thinking with professionals like you. The long-time success of this program rests on the fact that it consistently provides a practical "toolkit" for managers. A foundation of knowledge for making more informed business decisions that will directly impact your performance.

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What You Will Gain

  • A "toolkit" of skills that will help you think more strategically and manage more effectively
  • Exposure to current management topics and business trends
  • A "big picture" view of business strategy and how each function of business fits into this picture
  • The ability to work and communicate more effectively with each functional area of business
  • A network of professional peers from a wide variety of businesses and industries throughout Central Florida
  • The expertise of top-level faculty who offer "beyond the classroom" expertise
  • The opportunity to link business knowledge to results — for your benefit and your organization's

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced managers who need to update their business knowledge and skills in order to craft successful business strategies
  • High potential managers who need a solid foundation in current business theory and practices to prepare for positions of increased responsibility
  • Professionals who need to learn basic business concepts in order to operate their practices more effectively
  • Technical professionals who need management know-how in order to work more effectively with senior management
  • Executives and business graduates who need to update their business education and skills
  • Anyone who faces business responsibilities and needs to make business decisions but lacks a formal business background
  • Anyone considering a graduate degree and interested in obtaining an overview of Crummer Graduate School's MBA
  • Anyone who wants to create economic value for themselves and their organization
  • Anyone who wants to out pace the competition

Reserve your seat in the Crummer Management Program - Mini-MBA

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Obtain the management skills that will help you think more strategically and lead more effectively.

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