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Unleashing your leadership Potential

with Rick Bommelje. Ph.D.


What Will You Gain?

By the end of this highly interactive program, you will leave challenged to continue building on a foundation of four positive listening goals:

1) Awareness: raise their listening awareness in all areas of your life

2) Assessment: receive feedback on your listening habits and skills from personal listening assessment tools and take positive steps to enhance those skills

3) Application: learn listening tips, techniques, and strategies to help you continue to improve their listening skills

4) Action: develop concrete action plans for translating the learning into action on your job and in your personal life

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers, supervisors, and team leaders at all levels within the organization
  • Project managers and coordinators who must facilitate groups of people from multiple functions
  • Marketing and sales professionals who want the listening edge to better understand their customers' needs
  • Human resource and training professionals
  • Business and product development professionals who need to generate interest in their ideas and products
  • Emerging managers and leaders who would like to improve their communication skills
  • Anyone who wants to build better working relationships, become a truly great communicator, and become a sustainable leader

Tuition Fee:  $195 per person (Cancellation Policy & Discounts)

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Obtain the management skills that will help you think more strategically and lead more effectively.

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