Faculty Biography

Martin K. Starr, Ph.D.

Dr. Martin K. Starr is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Operations Management and Management Science at the Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Starr is also Professor Emeritus of Operations Research and Management Science at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business where he designed and established the systems-oriented Production and Operations Management Department and concentration for student study. In addition to teaching, Professor Starr was Director of The Centers for Enterprise Management (CEM) which did research and consulting at both Columbia University and Rollins College.

CEM publications comparing the performance of U.S. firms with Japanese firms in America were widely sought for quality and just-in-time benchmarking. Later studies also included European firms in America. CEM studies at Rollins benchmarked supply chain performance in healthcare systems. CEM developed cost/benefit simulation models to determine optimal mix of nursing services and in-home technology. CEM’s seminar series brought great teachers and innovators in management, POM (production and operations management) and systems-thinking to the Rollins campus over a three-year period.

Professor Starr has published more than 25 books on a variety of subjects including joint ventures, global alliances, competitiveness, product  design, marketing dynamics, inventory theory, production and operations management, and systems management. He has published articles on safety and security, product and process design, continuous project management, intellectual property, innovations in education, concurrent systems engineering, knowledge management, and marketing dynamics. Starr’s latest books are Foundations of Production and Operations Management, 2007, and Production and Operations Management (2e), 2008. Both titles are published by Cengage Learning in paperback and on-line formats.

Starr has been a consultant to many companies including ABB, AT&T, Boston Consulting Group, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Citibank, CNL, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Energex Limited, Exxon Mobil, Fiat, GE Capital, IBM, Lehman Brothers, Lever Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Naspers, PEMCO Aviation Group, Pfizer Corp., Scholastic Press, and Young & Rubicam. 

Martin Starr is Past President of TIMS (The Institute of Management Sciences) and Past President of POMS (Production and Operations Management Society). He was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal MANAGEMENT SCIENCE for 15 years and is now a member of the POMS Executive Board where he is Chair of the Council of POMS Presidents. Starr was recognized by a special issue of the Journal PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (dated January-February, 2007) dedicated to Starr’s work. The lead article in this issue is entitled, “Martin K. Starr, A Visionary Proponent for System Integration, Modular Production, and Catastrophe Avoidance.” An Award has been named in his honor: The Martin K. Starr Excellence in Production and Operations Management Practice Award. This POMS award is presented annually to the most outstanding operations practitioner of the year. The winners from 2006 to the present time can be found at www.poms.org


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